Annual Report (2014-15)

Services for Immigrants

Immigrant Settlement Program OCS employs 21 settlement workers representing 11 languages to support immigrant and refugee newcomers in Surrey and North Delta.

2988 newcomers received support

2515 attended 267 group sessions

83% gained skills and connections related to the Canadian work environment

MAP provides a full range of supports for vulnerable immigrants and refugees who have faced especial- ly difficult challenges, and have survived extreme loss and trauma. Many orig- inate from Syria, Burma, Somalia and Afghanistan. The program emphasizes trust and building com- munities of support, and the MAP team works very hard to meet this need. Moving Ahead Program





“God bless you with your effort. In my life I needed this program”

Clients satisfied with their experiences living in Canada

First Steps is a unique service that supports the growth and development of young refugee children and helps families to parent in the Canadian context. First Steps Early Years Refugee Program:

90% of parents are more confident in their ability to parent children in Canada

81% of families feeling less isolated and more connected to community

• early learning and literacy • outreach and screening • parenting and family support • community connections Services include:

90% of parents learned newways to play and bond with their children

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