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My favorite movie is “Cinderella Man,” which tells the story of Jim Braddock, the real-life American boxer who fought for the heavyweight championship during the Depression. The son of Irish immigrants, Jim grew up in New York City. He married and had three children. When the Great Depression hit in 1929, Jim and his family (and nearly everyone else in America) lost everything they had. Jim’s family felt the world cave in on them. Jim had to hustle to get work on the docks, and he even boxed with a broken hand to pay for food and heat for his family. Jim took a lot of beatings, but he fought through it to support his wife and children. At a low point in the movie, Jim, a proud, able-bodied man, stands in line for welfare payments and even begs his former business partners for money to feed his children. His children have to stay with relatives because Jim can’t afford to feed the children or heat the apartment. One of the main reasons I will watch this movie again and again is Jim’s resilience and humility throughout the entire struggle. Jim refused to accept the limitations others saw for him, and he refused to let those limitations define what was possible. As the movie pivots to Jim’s rise from the ashes, his faith, resilience, and the support of his family inspire him to seek new heights without fear. On the day of the championship fight, Jim’s wife, Mae, goes to church to pray that her husband will survive the fight against the heavily favored Max Baer. Mae finds the church full of people praying for her husband as well. When I see this film, I see our clients and their daily struggles. Their world has caved in. They’ve lost the ability to work or take care of their household. The bill collectors are hounding them. They are vulnerable. Like Jim, they need the help of their families and the community. Time and time again, when we work with our clients, we are inspired by their bravery, humility, faith, and resilience. They fight to get back to work. One of our clients was run over by a 40-ton OUR MISSION

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semi-tractor trailer at 65 mph, and he suffered an injury that left him permanently disabled. He returned to work in a wheelchair three months later to provide for his family. The story of Marge, one of our clients, is emblematic of the heroism of the people we are privileged to work alongside. After Marge was hit by a cab in the crosswalk, she was left with a permanent injury that affects her daily life. Marge went through a long court process, a jury trial, and a successful appeal. She never once complained. She never stopped fighting. She never stopped helping others through the American Parkinson’s Disease Association. When we have clients like Marge, how can we not imitate our clients and fight like they do? It is an honor for us to represent clients like Marge who have been devastated by the wrongful conduct of others. Our clients deserve a legal team who will join them in the fight, stand up for them, and restore what has been taken.

– Joe Shannon

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