Shannon Law Group October 2017

Anyone who has lived through a harsh Midwestern winter knows the delights of the first signs of spring, and none is more beautiful than the tulip or daffodil. October is the best time for planting spring blooming bulbs, as the soil temperature has cooled. When purchasing bulbs from your garden center, choose those that are firm and plump. Avoid bulbs that are squishy. If you are planting tulips or daffodils, dig a hole that about six to eight inches deep and plant the bulb pointy side up. Space the bulbs three to six inches apart. Sometimes, I dig a larger hole and add three bulbs to each hole. If your soil is largely clay, adding compost or other organic matter is a good idea. Water them well after planting. This will help them to begin to establish roots.

the shrubs will cover the bulbs’ yellowing leaves. Also, plant bulbs in groupings and try not to line them up. Think more of massing them in waves of color throughout the garden. And if you have lots of squirrels in your area, you may want to choose daffodils over tulips, as squirrels are less likely to dig up the daffodil bulbs during the winter.

Enjoy the fall!

A good way to design your garden with bulbs is to consider how your garden looks in very early spring. Often, leaves on the deciduous shrubs have not yet emerged, so planting around these shrubs or even behind them can be beneficial, as their flowers will brighten the garden in early spring. As the bulbs fade, the leaves of

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