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TRANSACTIONS NV5 TO ACQUIRE OPTIMAL ENERGY, EXPANDING ENERGY EFFICIENCY CONSULTING CAPABILITIES NV5 Global, Inc., a provider of compliance, technology, engineering, and environmental consulting solutions, announced that it will acquire Optimal Energy, Inc. Optimal is an energy efficiency firm providing a full range of consulting services to government agencies, utilities, regulatory bodies, and state energyadvisorycouncils. Optimal specializes in advising state energy efficiency advisory councils on program planning, cost-benefit analysis, and strategic guidance. The company also assists utilities with integrating statewide and local energy efficiency mandates into their business models. “NV5’s energy efficiency and clean energy business has driven strong organic growth, and Optimal is the fourth acquisition we have made in the sector,” said Dickerson Wright, PE, chairman and CEO of NV5. “As energy efficiency continues to grow in importance in the government and utility markets, Optimal provides us with another specialized, high barrier to entry capability to differentiate NV5 and deliver value to our clients.” With offices in Vermont and Rhode Island, Optimal has worked in nearly 40 U.S. states and seven Canadian provinces. Optimal was founded in 1996 and is a consultant for nine of the top 10 states with utility and public purpose efficiency programs. “NV5’s energy efficiency services for our

federal government and private sector clients have grown rapidly in recent years, and we are excited to add these capabilities for state governments and utility clients,” said Ben Heraud, COO of Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization at NV5. “We are really excited about joining NV5 and expanding the scope and scale of technical resources available to our clients, and we look forward to the integration of our capabilities with the existing energy efficiency group within NV5,” said Eric Belliveau, partner at Optimal Energy. Optimal specializes in assessing, developing, planning, startup, and management support for energy‐ efficiency programs. Founded in 1996, Optimal’s clientele includes utilities, consumer and environmental advocates, government and regulatory agencies, and energy service providers. NV5 Global, Inc. is a provider of compliance, technology, engineering, and environmental consulting solutions for publicandprivatesectorclients supporting sustainable infrastructure, utility, and building assets and systems. The company focuses on multiple verticals: testing, inspection and consulting, infrastructure, utility services, buildings and program management, environmental health sciences, and geospatial technology services to deliver innovative, sustainable solutions to complex issues and improve lives in our communities.

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clients, but just know that this recruiting and retention “ceiling” caused by boredom exists and could be difficult to combat once your firm reaches a certain size. While wanting to grow your firm in a specific niche is certainly understandable and even desirable, just know that – when looking to grow via M&A – finding a firm that’s a perfect extension of yours is easier said than done. Coming to the table with an open mind and looking for expertise in services/markets that your firm might be weaker in can often prove fruitful for both you and your clients’ firms down the road in terms of project quality and revenues. Creativity, especially when it comes to technology application and innovation in AEC, tends to pay in the long run. Happy hunting! Click here to learn more about Zweig Group’s Mergers & Acquisitions advisory team. Will Anderson is a mergers and acquisitions analyst at Zweig Group. Contact him at

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