My Personal Revelation & Experience With Dry Needling

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It’s hard to believe that Christmas 2016 is quickly approaching and with that, the close of year number 9 for me and The Next Level! It truly has been a wonderful journey of ups and downs (well, mostly ups) during which I’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing people…both staff and patients. And if the good Lord is willing, I look forward to many more years of serving this community! If you’ve been paying attention at all over the past few months you know our focus lately at The Next Level has been trying to educate our past patients and local community about the long-term benefits of physical therapy for the treatment of back pain and sciatica. Although the statistics say that 80-90% of us will experience back pain at some point in our lives, the consensus in the medical community is that early diagnosis and treatment is not only the key to a full recovery but also for preventing future “episodes.” When we’re hurting, most of us want a a right now solution, so that we can get back to our busy lives. Let’s face it, who really has time to be shut down by back pain or sciatica?? I know I don’t!! I’ve got places to go and things to do. So I’m always looking for the quickest ways to get from point A (pain) to point B (no pain) for me and my peeps. Last month I shared a story of one of my personal back pain “episodes” and this month I’d like to share how one treatment option not only helped me but has also made a significant impact in the way I practice. DRY NEEDLING. Ok, I’ll let that sink in a minute because I know many of you will be immediately cringing or thinking to yourself “Ohhh no! I don’t DO needles”! LOL. I completely get that because to be honest, I’m not a needle person either. But after my training and personal experience with dry needling, I am now a believer in what a dramatic and immediate impact it can have in reducing or eliminating pain. The actual training however was a little scary..because you are essentially a guinea pig for others who have absolutely NO experience whatsoever! That is a story best left to discuss over drinks! It was my drive to Atlanta to get certified in Dry Needling that ironically made me believe in not only what it can do but also the power a muscle can have at sending pain to other areas of the body (trigger points). During that 7 hour journey, I started experiencing severe butt, thigh and leg pain that would not quit. Sciatica right? And it persisted once I arrived at the course.

And when it was time to needle the buttocks and hip I was a little nervous to say the least. So I’m laying there, butt exposed to the world (yes, you have to have thick skin and no modesty at these things) and the “student” begins inserting needles into the muscles of my butt. When they got to a particular muscle, the gluteus medius (No worries…I wont ever ask you to remember that), instantly it reproduced the pain radiating down my leg. And the needles were nowhere near the sciatic nerve! Take home point? Not all “sciatica” is from the sciatic nerve. The best part is that after the “practicing” was over? No pain… all!! My sciatica was really just a tiny spasm (trigger point) in one butt muscle and by needling it, the spasm was released, along with my pain. The painless drive back home gave me time to think and change my mindset on the way I “practice”. Dry needling (which I hate the word needle. Cause Its more like a very thin filament) doesn’t have to be scary and can make a big impact and be a critical step at getting rid of your back pain. As funny or strange as it may sound, I routinely needle myself to head of minor issues before they become major problems. You can do the same. It all starts with a proper assessment which in this case is called a “Discovery Visit”. It’s totally free and will determine if dry needling or other options may be right for you.

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