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BEHONEST Be transparent with partners and clients,and as Carnegie suggests,be quick to admit when you’re wrong.When it comes to conflict,being right won’t win you anything— it’s better to avoid that lose- lose scenario and instead listen to your associate’s point of view.Respect their opinions.Even better, begin with something you know they’ll say an enthusiastic “yes” to. Set your relationships up for success by implementing Carnegie’s timeless,genuine advice, and see the results for yourself.

It’s a tall claim to say that a book will change your life, but this one has had a profound impact on many people. Despite having been originally published 82 years ago, Dale Carnegie’s effervescent classic “How to Win Friends and Influence People” is still recommended by everyone who comes across it, and it’s one of the best-selling books of all time. In 2011, the book was No. 19 on Time’s most influential books list. How has it remained relevant in a massively different, technologically advanced world? Fundamentally, Carnegie’s book focuses on people, who may evolve, but whose basic needs don’t change much.

BENICE Carnegie’s ideas are revolutionary in their simplicity. This is what makes almost anyone who reads the book able to implement them immediately and see results.As Robert Kelsey,author of several business and self-help books himself,points out,Carnegie’s first principle was simply “Be nice.” “That will always be an important thing to remember in whatever business you’re in,” Kelsey says.“His advice will always be relevant.” In the chapter entitled “SixWays toMake People Like You,” Carnegie’s second suggestion is similarly straightforward: “Smile.” We’ve all read science on the

We all need to feel valued, appreciated, and respected. By fulfilling these needs for your business associates, you will indeed win friends and influence them.When it comes to business, showing a genuine interest in the other person goes a long way toward building a lasting relationship, something we all know is key to converting leads into sales.With a message based on relationships, Carnegie’s book hasn’t grown stale with time. Here are three of his suggestions that you can implement today. BE AUTHENTIC Carnegie’s methods for winning people over are, at their core, about authenticity. “Show a genuine interest in others,” he instructs. “Give honest and sincere appreciation” and “Be a good listener.” Adopt this advice by paying extra attention when a client introduces themselves. A person’s name is important, because, according to Carnegie, it may be “the sweetest and most important sound in any language” to that individual.

psychological effects of smiling,but it’s still too easy to forget this simple gesture.

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As many of you know,when you’re doing the sorting phase of 5S,red tags make the process a lot more manageable.They’re a visual management tool: They let you and your team tag items that don’t belong in an area.With your red tags in hand, organizing your warehouse or plant suddenly becomes doable.

keeping you from optimal efficiency. Teams find million-dollar pieces of equipment, tools they thought were missing, and hardware that they would’ve bought more of. This is what makes 5S such an efficient waste management tool. Not only are you rediscovering items that would have cost you money to replace, but you’re working toward putting everything in its place, which means it won’t go into hiding again. As you designate an area for sorting, remember that tackling an entire warehouse or plant all at once isn’t the best use of 5S. It’s much more effective if you choose an area around 1,000 square feet to start with so that all of the necessary work can be completed. Ideally, choose an area where a set of work processes begin and end. 5S is meant to target the workflow

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picking an area to focus on.You’ll go through everything in that area—empty every drawer, cabinet,and corner —andmark any items that don’t belong there with a red tag.The red tag items get moved to a predetermined red-tag area.Once everything is marked,you can begin to evaluate your red-tag items.Are they part of that area,but just not in the right place? Do they belong somewhere else? Is it equipment from an outdated process? Do they belong in the garbage? Sorting can transform a space and help you understand many of the problems that are



through this set of processes, so working on one area at a time is the best way to start. A true 5S program never ends, as its foundation of continuous improvement necessitates. Once you get started, though, you’ll be equipped with the 5S habits and solutions any time a new challenge comes up.With The 5S Store as your resource, you’ll have all the supplies you need to get there.

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