Essential Oil First Aid

Helichrysum We specifically selected this wild-crafted species of Helichrysum or its primary ability to target the nervous system and encourage nerve and cell regeneration as well as skin regrowth at the sites of scars and burns. The regrowth of nerve cells is vital for healthy neurological regeneration. traditional, alternative and complementary uses: Pain from Stings Nervous System Relaxant Liver Function Antispasmodic Bruising Scar Tissue Antifungal Cell Growth Emotional Release Detoxification Stretch Marks Joint Pain

Lemon Lemon essential oil is valued for its function as a cleaner, detoxifier and renewal resource for the proper function of the endocrine system. traditional, alternative and complementary uses: Tinnitus Digestive Aid Detoxifying Agent Inflammation Diuretic Antimicrobial Liver Support

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