Essential Oil First Aid

Aeroma Geranium Oil Painstakingly harvested in Madagascar from the wild-crafted leaves and flowering tops of the plant, this essential oil has a profound impact on several body systems, most notably the integumentary system (skin.) It is also used in modern European medical offices to aid the circulatory system and regulate hormones. traditional, alternative and complementary uses:


Hormonal Imbalance

Digestive Upset

Nervous Fatigue

Emotional and Physical Wounds Skin Care Following Plastic Surgery



Burns Ulcers




Broken Capillaries


Osteoarthritis and Rheumatism Nervous Stress, Anxiety, Depression

Puberty, Menses and Menopause

“Baby Blues”


also known to…

Aid Poor Circulation

Stimulate the Lymphatic System and Immunity

Clear Mucous

Regulate Hormones

Tap into the Power of the Heart

Increase Imagination, Intuition, and Sensory Response

Promote Emotional Harmony

Act as a Sedative/Relaxant

Possess Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial Properties

Repel Insects

suggested applications: Cold Sore: Apply 1 drop directly to affected area. Bleeding Wounds: Apply to cut to help reduce bleeding help with wound healing. Anxiety/Stress: Apply 1-2 drops to sternum. Skin Care: Gently massage into face and neck for a refreshing, toning facial. For complete application instructions and specific essential oil uses, please see the Be Young Total Health Desk Reference.

This information is for educational purposes only and not intended to diagnose, treat or prescribe. See a qualified professional for any health concerns. For more information, including research and historical information related to Peppermint essential oil, please refer to:

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