Bison Trail - July & August 2018


July & August 2018

We Built Something Cool Together by Dave Fulawka, Director, Network Analytics & Development

Klassen , veteran 4DX assistant head coach. “I think of a team like the West LCV group directly impacted by this particular challenge. Yet with weather and other challenges faced, leaders were finding ways to keep their teams focused on their best work, even if it didn’t mean WIG achievement for all.” Although winning the war is the primary focus, sustaining the new habits is the real gem. “As 4DX 4.0 moves into our whirlwind it is imperative that we sustain the good habits we put forth through the duration of the campaign,” said Paul Schroeder , a 4DX assistant head coach and driver of our 4DX sustainability initiative. “We need to ensure we continue to cash in on this value to remain a fierce competitor in the marketplace for years to come.” Each team from 4DX 4.0 has a written sustainability plan, and a new 4DX team has been formed to monitor and promote sustainability.

In September 2017, we started a 4DX war on revenue per trailer. Forty weeks later the results are in and we crushed it, doubling our five per cent growth goal and achieving a final revenue per-trailer per-week of over $2,200. In that war, we were able to win two of our battles: driving trailer productivity per week to new highs and absolutely crushing the revenue battle, surpassing the goal in week 36. The evidence of the positive effects are all over our business. Today, because of the U.S. planning team’s WIG (Wildly Important Goal), Drivers in the U.S. are planned earlier and more consistently every day, preserving hours on their clock and giving them the opportunity to work more hours on the day they unload and reload in the U.S. Because of the logistics transaction cleanliness WIG, every day Bison trailers are returned to us earlier than they were, making them available for us to load them sooner. Because of corporate marketing’s sales lead WIG, we are using social media in more powerful ways to make first contact with a customer and translate directly to business activity. “We have seen our work on rate improvements and trailer productivity carry our 4DX across the finish line,” said Jamie Burkett , 4DX assistant head coach. “The ability to invest these wins back into our Driver program is really paramount to our future success. Our 4DX win and reinvestment continues to set us up to continue to win long term. Because of 4DX, we already had momentum on revenue quality improvement and when chaotic market conditions of early 2018 confronted us, we answered with discipline and methodically addressed customer concerns and opportunities.” Lots of forces were pressing against us as we tried to win this war. “During the winter season of 4DX 4.0 it seemed like just as teams were digging out from one storm, the next was on its way in,” said Nathan

Bison Transport 11-Time Grand-Prize Winner of the TCA National Fleet Safety Award and 7-Time Winner of the ATA Safe Fleet Award. 11

In 40 weeks we built some powerful new processes and habits in our business. Like building something with Lego, we can now take a moment, stand back and get a good look at what we’ve built. Admire it for a moment. This thing we’ve built is a keeper though. The legacy of long-term process and habit change will continue to pay dividends for years to come. 

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