Cordyline 2023 PPL-Solution No 4


CORDYLINE SUPERSTAR | PP# 23,715 A variety with wide, red-purple glossy leaves giving it a tropical look. This is a trunking variety that is fast growing and is great as a specimen or in mixed containers.

An upright trunking variety with pale pink on purple variegation. Southern Splendor is a sport of Red Star so it has the same growth habit.

120-144 " x 60-120 "

36-48 " x 36 "

CORDYLINE TORBAY DAZZLER An upright trunking variety with bright creamy-white on green variegation.Torbay Dazzler is one of the brightest Cordylines on the market and is great as a landscape or container specimen.

120-144 " x 60-120 "

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