Get Tough & Muddy This Summer

Our Pat ient Spot l ight

Mark came to Loudoun Sports Therapy Center to work on strengthening and reducing pain in his knees. He worked hard and completed his plan of care here. Read his success story! Success Story: “As an elementary physical educator, I’m on my feet all the time, so demonstrating activities requires a lot of pivoting type movements and jumping. You can’t do that with a torn meniscus because the knee doesn’t go that way when you have the tear. Following weeks of physical therapy, the quads and hamstrings feel stronger and the knee is more stable. Forward, backward, sideways/lateral movements are no problem. This was an upbeat, fun place to be!”

Pat ient Resul ts

I don’t have pain now! “I feel a lot better than when I first came to LSTC. I had lower back pain, especially during driving, sitting, and sleeping. It was a constant dull ache. The massage and exercises targeted my problem and helped me to get better. I don’t have pain now. I went from a level of pain of 4 to 0. I feel I should continue the exercises and techniques I learned here in the future.” ~Nicole S. I am now empowered! “I can walk much more comfortably, with my head held high. I can sit and then stand without difficulty. I feel more energized. This is all after just a few weeks of PT with the amazing physical therapists at Loudoun Sports Therapy Center. I am now empowered to continue my exercises with the instructions I have received and the knowledge that I can go back for support. Thank you!!” ~Stephanie D.

I feel much more confident!

“I’m doing better when I drive. I feel much more confident. When I move faster, I can keepmy balance. I amable to return to gardening.” ~Haydee C.

I am not limited by my accident! “I am now able to drive myself to appointments, wash my hair without issues, do the dishes, put things away on shelves. I’m not limited by my accident and do all the things I was able to do before my accident.” ~Roni W.

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