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Thank you for your purchase. Inspect the entire unit immediately after you take it out of the box. If there is any concealed damage, please contact us immediately at 800-467-6222 to report. You only have 5 days from receipt of order to report damage for replacement or refund.

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Take time to familiarize yourself with the equipment, each component, and the recommended maintenance of this equipment before using or engaging any person with it. Please file this instruction sheet in an accessible location; this sheet must be read by and not alluded to anyone who is supervising or using TFH Equipment.


To extend the life your TFH Bubble Tube, please follow the instructions and maintenance information below.

DO NOT USE any wipes or sprays that contain alcohol, ammonia, peroxide or bleach on the Bubble Tubes. These ingredients will deteriorate the acrylic and result in spider cracks which will cause leaks in the Bubble Tube. Use ONLY TFH Sensory Room Disinfectant Spray (9BCC) or Wipes (9BCCW) on the outside of TFH Bubble Tubes.

Regular maintenance of TFH Bubble Tube includes…


Add a capful of Bubble Safe Additive (9BCCA-sold separately) monthly. You will receive a starter bottle with the purchase of your Bubble Tube. Use the entire bottle at initial set up.

All TFH Products are to be used under adult supervision at all times.



Empty the entire contents of the Bubble Tube with the Drainage Pump (9BCPUMP-sold separately) and clean the inside of Bubble Tube.


Empty entire contents of Bubble Tube with Drainage Pump. If you have a Ping Pong Insert, you will need to remove the beads and balls and the insert to properly clean the tube. Add a couple inches of DISTILLED water and a drop or two of Dawn™ dishwashing detergent to the inside. Use a dedicated microfiber rag mop to gently clean the inside of the tube. Rinse thoroughly with DISTILLED water several times to remove all soap residue. We recommend you do this a minimum of twice annually or if it will not being used for 30 days or more.


Recommended EXTERIOR disinfectant: Sensory Room Disinfectant Spray (9BCC) or Wipes (9BCCW) . Use soft cloth (no paper towels) with spray. Both are hospital-grade disinfectants that has been tested on our tubes and will not deteriorate the acrylic. The Spray comes in a 1- quart spray bottle. This cleaner may leave a cloudy residue which can be cleaned off with vinegar/water solution (50/50) and dried with a soft cloth. The Wipes container includes 160 wipes and dries clear.


While Bubble Tube is running, fill with DISTILLED water only . Adding tap water, even a small amount, will contaminate the Bubble Tube and greatly increase the chance of algae growth. Remember to add third (1/3) of the Bubble Safe bottle every time you change the DISTILLED water in your Bubble Tube. Amount of DISTILLED Water to “Fill Line”

80” Tube 70” Tube 48” Tube

9 gallons (approx.) 8 gallons (approx.) 5.5 gallons (approx.) 3 gallons (approx.) 1.5 gallons (approx.)

Budget Bubble Tube Tabletop Bubble Tube

Keep extra DISTILLED water on hand to replenish when water evaporates (naturally occurring). If the water is 2- 3” below FILL LINE check base for leaks and call us immediately. DO NOT TURN OFF BUBBLE TUBE.

We are always here to help. Contact us for technical support for the life of your product. 800-467-6222.

Safety Precautions - The safety of your clients is dependent on the appropriate choice of activity to match yet challenge their physical abilities. Use appropriate spotting / safety techniques. In addition, the layout of your activity area, proper installation and maintenance of your equipment is critical. TFH equipment is not intended for general recreational use. Under no condition should this equipment be used without proper supervision. This sheet is for example only. It is not meant to, in any way, replace local, State, or Federal standards. Be aware - it is your responsibility to find all pertinent safety information that pertains to your facility.

All TFH Products are to be used under adult supervision at all times.


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