Say Yes to FCS Recruiting Toolkit

STUDENT LED WORKSHOP Four lessons created by Minnesota FCCLA Executive Council July 2015 (MODIFED FOR NATIONAL USE). LINK HERE

LESSON PLAN: SAY YES TO FACS OBJECTIVE: To encourage students to examine potential careers in family and consume sciences. National standard: 1.2.1 Analyze potential career choices to determine the knowledge, skills, and attitudes associated with each career. Time needed Content Activity Supplies 2 minutes Introduction Introduce the need for FACS educators and background on Say Yes to FACS campaign 5 minutes Myth Busters Myths about Facs Myths

Orally Review Myths of FACS Generate more examples

Discuss the myths listed at the bottom and discuss why these myths are not true. Myth: “FACS is an easy class to take.” Myth: “FACS is just a cooking and sewing class.” Myth: “Not any colleges offer FACS programs” Myth: “College is too expensive” Myth: “You won’t be able to find a job in FACS Edu.” Myth: “This is not academically rigorous” Myth: “I won’t use these skills in my daily life” Facs careers headband activity Discussion Questions: What kind of careers did you see? Were some careers difficult to guess? Were there any careers you didn’t realize were classified as a FACS career? Did you see in careers that appealed to you? Do you know anyone with these careers?

15 minutes FACS CAREERS

Career cards Rubber bands

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