Say Yes to FCS Recruiting Toolkit

“Say Yes to FACS” Lesson Plan- Script This lesson plan starts as a scripted conversation by three students.

INTRODUCTION Student # 1: Hey, I think we should skip FACS class today. Student # 2: I think so too, we never learn anything there anyways. Student # 3: Oh that is soooo not true! Have you ever heard that before about FACS classes? At the bottom of your handout, there are 7 myths about FACS classes? ACTIVITY 1: Family and Consumer Sciences Mythbusters ! Supplies needed the mythbusters handout Please find six people around you, yes six! In your groups, discuss the myths listed at the bottom and discuss why these myths are not true. Practice being Family and Consumer Sciences Mythbusters! Student # 1: Group one, what is one myth you discussed and why is it not true? (Discuss) Student # 2 Can you all see how these myths just are not true? Just to review “FACS” or “FCS,” stands for Family and Consumer Sciences. Students often think that “FACS” classes are easy or not academically rigorous, but we all know that FACS classes teach math, science and communication skills that apply to everyday living. Student # 3 Another Family and Consumer Science myth is that they only teach us “cooking and sewing.” That is simply not true. You learn a wide variety of skills in a FACS classroom. For example, human development, personal and family finance, housing and interior design, food science, nutrition and wellness, textiles and apparel, and consumer issues. You have five minutes to discuss starting now.

Family and consumer sciences has a comprehensive body of skills, research and knowledge. FACS helps students make informed decisions about their well-being, relationships and resources to achieve an optimal quality of life. There are 16 career clusters that are classified under 6 categories.

Student # 1 Take a look at the diagram on your handout. Family and Consumer Sciences falls under each of the categories, and 7 of the career clusters. Whoa!!

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