Say Yes to FCS Recruiting Toolkit

Student # 2 Last year, in 25 of 34 states it is reported that there is a current or future shortage of FCS teachers, (Werhan, 2013). Many states had more Family and Consumer Sciences teacher job openings than their University teacher programs had FACS teacher graduates. If we want to keep FACS programs in school, we need to encourage students to consider a career as a FACS Teacher. A FACS teacher falls under Human Services. Now let’s say you really, really, really love FACS classes. We know you do!! There is a myth that colleges don’t offer it as a field of study, but that is wrong. There are plenty of colleges that have FACS Programs. The opportunities with a Family and Consumer Science degree are endless. Nutritional Consultants, Child Care Directors, Interior Designer and Hospitality Managers often have a Family and Consumer Science Degrees. ACTIVITY 2: FACS Career Headband Activity Supplies needed: 36 Large Rubber Bands & Pre- Made Career Cards Student # 3 We would like to welcome you to our “Say Yes to FACS” training today and we would like to introduce you to some careers that you might find interesting. These careers are often held by employees that have a Family and Consumer Science degree and/ or background. Student # 1 is passing out large rubber bands and Student # 2 is passing out some career cards. Do not look at your career card! You might need to ask a neighbor for help, but we want you to place your career card on your forehead and secure it in place with a large rubber band. Ask your neighbor if they can read your card? Each card has a Family and Consumer Science career on it that you will learn more about later in this training. You are to get up and walk around the room, ask others questions about your assigned career. Only ask yes or no questions. For example- “Does my career work with kids?” Continue to ask questions until you have correctly guessed your assigned career. Okay- Let’s get started! Give students 5- 10 minutes for activity.

Student # 1 Did everyone correctly identify their assigned career? Discussion Questions:

• What kind of careers did you see? • Were some careers difficult to guess? • Were there any careers you didn’t realize were classified as a FACS career? • Did you see any careers that appealed to you? • Do you know anyone with these careers?

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