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Great now we are going to learn a little bit more about Family and Consumer Science careers and salaries in our next activity. The “Salary is Right!”

ACTIVITY 3: The “Salary is Right!”-Activity This activity requires 5 volunteers to hold up possible salaries of careers. Student # 2: Welcome to the salary is right game show!! First, we need 5 volunteers from our training audience. Would five volunteers please come forward. These volunteers will be holding various yearly salary amounts. We need one more volunteer to be our contestant. This contestant will be given a specific Family and Consumer Science career with multiple annual salaries. Each contestant will attempt to guess the average annual salary of a worker in the selected career field. Now that you know how the game is played, you the training audience are encouraged to voice your salary choice to ass our contestant. Feel free to shout our words like more, less, or stop. Once the contestant makes their final decision by standing next to the salary of their choice, we will see whether they are correct or not. If the contestant’s “Salary is Right,” they will win a prize. We will play 10 rounds and the salary amounts will change with each round played, so let’s begin our first round. DATA from MINNESOPTA in 2015 May need to adjust for your state and 2018

Human Services Caseworker • Determined if people qualify for financial health or food benefits • Can work at schools, homeless shelters, food banks, and prisons • need high school diploma or GED, on the job training


Does a Human Services Caseworker make? • $25,625 per year • $31,180 per year • $38,244 per year • $45,800 per year

Correct Answer:

The average Human Services Caseworker makes $31,180.00 per


Customer Service Representative


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