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VIII. Social worker • Helps people manage social, financial, and health problems • bachelors degree • work with clients, families, and other social workers How much does the average Social Worker earn per year? • $39,877 per year • $49,660 per year • $59,390 per year • $69,111 per year

Correct Answer:

The average social worker makes $59,390

Student # 3 Thanks for playing the “The Salary is Right” with us today!

How well did we guess the salaries?

Discussion Questions Which careers earned the highest salaries? Were you surprised by any of the salaries we reviewed today?

Do you look at these careers differently now that you know their average salaries? How many of you were interested in one or more of the careers we discussed today?

ACTIVITY 4: PR MESSAGES ABOUT FACS- DESIGN A BUMPER STICKER Student #2 : So what kind of messages can FACS teachers say that would interest potential students to become interested in this field of study? Develop a bumper sticker that would tell the FACS ED story….

RESOURCES to accompany the activities above Activity #1 Link to the handout

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