Say Yes to FCS Recruiting Toolkit

“Say Yes to FCS” Toolkit

DEVELOPING A PLAN This toolkit is a compilation of information and resources to assist teachers, teacher educators, state supervisors, FCCLA chapter and state advisors to promote awareness of FCS as a profession, create their Say YES to FCS campaigns, and connect with the career readiness units in their programs and states. It contains information about the recruitment initiative, branding, sample lessons and activities, info graphics, promotional video links, and ideas for using social media. You may choose to use the lessons and activities as developed or adapt them for your needs.

INITIATIVE BACKGROUND Background on the Say Yes to FCS Educator Recruitment Campaign

Concern for the FCS educator shortage grew, not only because of professional experiences and felt needs, but with a growing body of research led by Carol Werhan and others. Werhan and colleagues have identified data collection issues at the local, state, and federal levels--issues which place significant limitations on what we know, and consequently, how to proceed in addressing the educator shortage. Data gathered indicated that there were employment opportunities in 25 of 34 states. It was reported that there is a current or future shortage of FCS teachers, (Werhan, 2013). State supervisors report that districts say they would like to have kept a program open but had to close it because they could not find a teacher. We need to maintain the quality of instruction aligned with the National Standards and the broad field knowledge that our students receive through a university preparation program, which is being eroded by conditional or alternative certifications because of the shortage of trained instructors. Werhan and colleagues have documented the decline in FCS programs, educators, and students. These declines are a result of many things, including current education policy (e.g., academic/core focus), as well as issues pertaining to FCS missing from the Career Cluster model, as noted in prior discussions. It was these findings and a consistent concern expressed by teachers, extension educators, and university teacher education professionals that led to the first Summit, "Say Yes to FCS: Filling the Family & Consumer Sciences Educator Pipeline," held at the 2015 AAFCS Conference, Jacksonville, FL. From this Summit, a few things were articulated: 1. a need for a clear and deliberate social media campaign; 2. a need for a toolkit of materials to support educator recruitment efforts across the country; and 3. a need to highlight promising practices. We have NASAFACS and FCCLA to thank for the “Say Yes to FCS” slogan and logo. After the first Summit, it became clear that this slogan/logo theme (along with the original FCS branding) was necessary to brand the initiative, resulting in NASAFACS and FCCLA working with Learning Zone

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