Say Yes to FCS Recruiting Toolkit

Express and others to create a variety of resources to support recruitment strategies which can be found on the NASAFACS website Through the support of NASAFACS and other organizations, the branding for this recruitment initiative was embraced by all organizations involved. Many FCS organizations play an instrumental role, by making resources (webinars, websites, social media, and staff) available to the steering committee-Resources reside on these sites


NATEFACS NASAFACS The Curriculum Center for FACS

The sites above contain a variety of materials to keep our colleagues and stakeholders informed about the various aspects of the initiative as it moves forward. One can find Werhan's research and other important references; social media campaign information; branding/logo files; user-friendly, edit-able materials; along with archived recordings of multiple webinars addressing FCS and Say Yes initiative. FCCLA has aligned their work with the Say Yes to FCS initiative, by providing background information and initiating the new Say Yes to FCS Education STAR event. NATEFACS, publisher of the Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences Education , published two special issues related to the Say Yes to FCS national initiative, with articles highlighting promising practices (see special issue # 1 and special issue # 2).Since 2015, we have hosted a Summit each year at AAFCS, and hosted our fourth Summit, a post-AAFCS/pre-FCCLA conference, held in Atlanta, June 27, 2018-- It is important to note that the inspiration for the 2015 Summit emerged from a pre-conference meeting at ACTE Vision 2014, where we hosted a discussion among 50-60 colleagues. ACTE Vision has served as an important site to advance the Say Yes to FCS national educator recruitment campaign. In 2015, we provided a Summit Update (pre-conference); in 2016 Bergh and Meyers made a conference presentation highlighting lessons learned for other CTE professionals; and in 2017, Bergh, Duncan, and Gonzalez presented an update to further involve classroom teachers and the NATFACS organization and its members. This same trio will share additional recruitment strategies at ACTE Vision 2018. The FCS Research Journal editors invited us to draft a manuscript on our collective work. Duncan, Werhan, & Bergh's article was published in the December 2017 issue: All Hands on Deck: Research Needed to Examine the Educator Shortage in Family & Consumer Sciences We have hosted four webinars, targeting colleagues in various practice settings, highlighting multiple success stories—most recently featuring efforts of teachers and state administrators in Kentucky and Washington; of university recruitment initiatives at Purdue and Oklahoma State; and of efforts by USDA/NIFA to support post-secondary and extension recruitment efforts. We continue to build our collaboration--understanding that it takes a wide variety of professionals to address this systemic issue of FCS educator shortages. Since the inception of this initiative, numerous state, local and institutional

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