Say Yes to FCS Recruiting Toolkit

Strategies for Recruiting Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers

Strategy 1: Top Ten Reasons to Become a Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher Prepare in advance ten index cards listing the top ten reasons to become a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher. The following reasons are suggestions (individual teachers may have others). #10 – There will never be a dull moment in your career. #9 – There will be travel with great people. #8 – The ability to teach a vast array of courses of interest to students provides job security. #7 – You will probably be someone’s favorite teacher. #6 – You will be the envy of other teachers and professions. #5 – The networking opportunities are amazing. #4 – You will receive a great paycheck for your efforts. #3 – You will get to sponsor FCCLA or other Career and Technical Student Organizations and watch those students lead and mature. As students come into the room for class, randomly distribute the index cards to them and ask them to stand up and shout the reason on their card when the number is announced. Ask students if they have ever thought of becoming a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher. Lead students to discuss their answer. Point out to students what you do on a daily basis as a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher and some of the rewards as you see them. Start the countdown of the top ten reasons to become a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher, and when you say a number (starting with 10), have students stand up and say, with enthusiasm, what is on their index card. Lead students to discuss each of the statements. #2 – There are jobs available when you graduate. No Waiting! #1 – It will be the best decision you ever made in your life.

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