Say Yes to FCS Recruiting Toolkit

• Social media posts will be most effective in promoting educator recruitment if o youth (and their network of peers) become involved, o the posts (messages) and images (photos) positively portray FCS students and programs and the important academic and technical skills that are taught; o the dynamic, exciting, and valued nature of family and consumer sciences education programs and youth organizations are emphasized, AND o the importance of family and consumer sciences educators is underscored. • Social media posts are much more likely to be shared and liked when you have included a photo or video with them—we encourage you to take photos and record brief videos to support the theme of each month. They can be done in advance and then all you have to do is post them when we get to that topic. • Prepare your text in advance to make sure it fits within the word limit for the social media site to which you are posting (140 characters on Twitter and 400 on Facebook). • When you’re writing your posts, think about what information would be most interesting and engaging to the audience you want to reach and then convey that information in a very concise way (no extra details). • When participating in this campaign, you will be seen as “the face of the family and consumer sciences field”—remember to put your best foot forward and keep the tone positive and professional. • The campaign is designed for multi-tiered participation to expand the involvement and reach: Family and consumer sciences professionals and advocates as well as those involved in family and consumer sciences educational programs (secondary, post-secondary, and Extension) and youth organizations. • The campaign is designed to prompt social media posts that highlight compelling activities and outcomes positively reflecting on family and consumer sciences education programs and youth organizations, thus positively reflecting on family and consumer sciences educators…and hopefully making someone want to be one!

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