9BC120-Budget Bubble Tube



Thank you for your purchase.

Inspect the entire unit immediately after you take it out of the box. If there is any concealed damage, please contact us immediately at 800-467-6222 to report. You only have 5 days from receipt to report damage for replacement or refund.

Take time to familiarize yourself with the equipment, each component, and the recommended maintenance of this equipment before using or engaging any person with it. Please file this instruction sheet in an accessible location; this sheet must be read by and not alluded to anyone who is supervising or using TFH Equipment.

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Packing List: •


Box 1: Budget Bubble Tube

• Box 2: Budget Bubble Tube Base & Power Supply



1. Each Bubble Tube comprises of a Base with Power Supply and Bubble Tube that are shipped in separate boxes to avoid damage in transit. Please remove the packaging. 2. Remove the cap found at the top of the Bubble Tube. Unscrew all of the screws on the white plastic base cover and remove the 4 x 8mm bolts and washers & 12v DC 2 or 2.5 amp switch mode power adaptor. 3. Place the Tube on the base with the air connector valve(s) at the side and fix in place using the 4 x bolts and washers (be careful not to over tighten them).


All TFH Products are to be used under adult supervision at all times.


4. Push the clear silicone tube from the air pump and one-way valve onto the 6mm connector found on the base of the tube at the side of the Bubble Tube.

5. Carefully, slide the plastic base cover back over the tube and secure using the screws previously removed.

6. Wrap a towel around the bottom of the tube at the base. Carefully fill the tube with DISTILLED WATER ONLY (approx. 3 gallons) ! Fill to about 2” below the top. Check that there are no water leaks. Clean away any spilled water during this process. 7. Place the power supply into the 2.1-12V DC socket found at the rear of the unit and plug into a wall outlet. It will take a few seconds for the lights and bubble to activate.

Our Budget Bubble Tube has a socket to use your favorite adaptive switch to tube the unit on and off.

IMPORTANT…PLEASE NOTE After turning the power off to this unit, please allow 30 seconds before turning it back on again to ensure all micro controllers are completely reset. This will prolong the life of this unit & ensure its proper performance.


1. Add a capful Bubble Tube Additive (9BCCA) to the water monthly to maintain clarity of water.

2. Clean Budget Bubble Tube and Base with Sensory Room Disinfectant Spray (9BCC). This is the ONLY approved cleaner recommended for our acrylic bubble tubes.

3. Budget Bubble Tubes holds approximately 3 gallons of Distilled Water. Specifications:

Tube – H: 48 ” x Dia: 4 ”

Base – H: 4 ” x W: 8 ” x L: 11 ”

Weight - 7.25 lb.

Safety Precautions - The safety of your clients is dependent on the appropriate choice of activity to match yet challenge their physical abilities. Use appropriate spotting / safety techniques. In addition, the layout of your activity area, proper installation and maintenance of your equipment is critical. TFH equipment is not intended for general recreational use. Under no condition should this equipment be used without proper supervision. This sheet is for example only. It is not meant to, in any way, replace local, State, or Federal standards. Be aware - it is your responsibility to find all pertinent safety information that pertains to your facility.

All TFH Products are to be used under adult supervision at all times.


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