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• Christmas Traditions • At this time of year I love to ask each of my patients about their Christmas traditions. I’m always curious to find out which Christmas traditions spark their greatest memories. Some answer with traditions that involve food, some involve caroling and singing around the piano, others are about gathering at a specific place (Grandma’s house), and many include an exchange of gifts. One of my favorite traditions growing up was participating in what our family called “Operation Turkey Drop”. Leading up to Thanksgiving my parents would learn of struggling family that we would deliver a Thanksgiving meal to anonymously. We would sneak up to the door, drop off a box with all the food for a great Thanksgiving meal, ring the doorbell and run off before they could come to the door. After Thanksgiving, our tradition changed to “Operation Santa Claus”. Once again my parents would select another family that was maybe down on their luck or needed some help at Christmas time. We would go shopping for the family and then deliver a box of food and gifts to the doorstep before ringing the doorbell and running off. The best part was always hiding in nearby bushes or behind a tree as we watched the families come to the door. Seeing the emotion on the faces of the parents and the happiness in the children’s faces taught me a wonderful lesson about the joy of giving. It was a gift my parents gave to me while I was growing up. What are your traditions? I hope you continue to pass them down to other family members so the memories can live on! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

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David Hawkins

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