9VFPD-Vibrating Floor Pad Instructions

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Non-Heated Massage Mat (do not use a mat with heat in this product) • Core Padding (grey) • Vinyl Floor Pad Cover 1. Inspect the entire item immediately. If there is any damage, please contact us immediately at 800-467-6222 to report. You only have 5 days to report damage. 2. Start by opening the Vinyl Floor Pad Cover. It has Velcro on three sides. The outside will be smooth and can be wiped clean.

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Open it up and lay it out like a clamshell.

4. Install the Core Padding by laying it inside the open shell. The floor pad will now have a large void in the center. Note that the Core Padding will appear to be larger than the cover. Once you close the Velcro, it will fit. 5. Install the Non-Heated Massage Mat in this area. Plug in the Non-Heated Massage Mat and run the wires under the foam and out to the side of the Floor Pad. Close the Velcro on all three sides. Start short end, seamed corner, then next corner and close the short end by pushing the padding in while closing the Velcro. Do both short ends first and then the long side. Be sure to pull out the massage mat power cord and controller before closing long side. 6. The vibration comes from the center of the pad. The foam surround is used for kneeling. Do not allow users to walk on the center of the floor pad. This is the location of the vibrators and constant traffic will damage them.


7. To Clean: Use a mild soft play cleaner or mild soap and water.

8. To Disinfect: Use our Bubble Tube Cleaner (9BCC) sold separately.

9. The Vibrating Floor Pad works best if used on a carpeted area.

10. One Year Warranty – See our website for more details.

All TFH Products are to be used under adult supervision at all.


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