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CARILLON IN HIGH FIDELITY W-3018-LP I (Del Roper at the Maas-Rowe Symphonic I Carillon) What a Friend • Sweet Hour of Prayer • In the Garden • Love Divine • Be Still My Soul, and seven others. W-3020-LP (Calvary Baptist Choir of New York City) Battle Hymn of the Republic •- Jesus Paid It All • Open My Eyes • Steal Away to Jesus, and eight more beau­ tiful hymns. A SINGING FAITH 1 Plays the Great W urllizer Pipe Organ I-----1 When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder • Only Believe • Jesus Is All the World to Me • O For a Thousand Tongues, and seven others. □ LES BARNETT... W-3032-LP I Dick Anthony, Arranger) In Days Gone By • What a Friend We Have in Jesus • Oh What a Day • How Great Thou Art, and eight more songs. ~1 (BUI Jackson, Baritone) 1' - 1 Balm in Gilead • Lily of the Valley • Lord I Want a Diadem • I Walk With the King, and eight other hymns. IN MY HEART ... A MELODY W-3039-LP j (Comp-of-the-Woods Band and Choir) I-----1 In My Heart There Rings a Melody • My Song • V Is for Victory, and eight more songs. HYMNS AND SPIRITUALS W-3037-LP THUNDERTONES OF PRAISE I (Ronnie Avalone, Tenor W-3034-LP I





(New Jersey Oratorio Chorus) (Dubois Version — Sung in English)

(Hugh W addill, O rganist) He Leadeth Me • Fairest Lord Jesus • Saviour Like a Shepherd Lead Us, and seven more beautiful songs. J. T. ADAMS AND THE MEN OF TEXAS (J. T. Adams, Tenor) W-3007-LP My God Is Real • Amazing Grace • I’d Rather Have Jesus • Remember Me, and four more songs plus a medley. Charles Magnuson, Plano) Just a Closer Walk With Thee • Whispering Hope • The Peace That Jesus Gives, and eleven other lovely hymns. BILL PEARCE AND DICK ANTHONY W-3012-LP (Vocal [ Duets and Solos], Trombone Solo, Choir) A New Name in Glory • My Jesus I Love Thee • If W e Could See Beyond Today • Day By Day, and eight more wonderful songs. W-3014-LP Lead Me Gently Home • If You Know the Lord • God Leads Us Along, and eight other songs you'll - enjoy. THE MELODY FOUR QUARTET W-3015-LP Travel On • No Hidin' Place • Praise My Soul • He Was Wounded • De Gospel Train, and seven other favorites. SACRED MUSIC OF FRANK BOGGS (W ith Don Hustad Chorale) MEDITATION AT DAW N— VOL. I (Lew Charles, Organ W-3008-LP

(Lew Charles at the NBC Pipe Organ) Let the Lower Lights Be Burning • The King's Business • My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me, and seven others plus a medley. ~1 (Jack Holcomb, Tenor) I——I I Found the Answer • I'll Never Be Lonely Again • I’ve Had a Glimpse of Jesus, and seven other favorites. W-3048-LP ~1 (The M oody C h o rale, D irected by Don I___ 1 Hustad) Motet, Op. 29, No. 2 ( Psalm 51) • Children of the Heavenly Father • Prayer to Jesus • Guest from Heaven, and seven more songs. A FESTIVAL OF PRAISE I Plays Organ Meditations -* Open Mine Eyes • Jesus I Come • I Must Tell Jesus • Wonderful Peace • Let Him In, and seven other beauti­ ful hymns. ~j (The White Sisters) I —1 Count Your Blessings • There's No Disappointment in Jesus • In- the Shadow of the Cross, and eleven more inspiring songs. I FOUND THE ANSWER W-3045-LP BOB ANDERSEN . .. W-3052-LP COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS W-3053-LP



(Henry Veld, Director) Bach: Blessing, Glory and Wisdom • Britten: A Ceremony of Carols, Op. 28 , and six other classics.



(John W . W ork, Director) Were You There? • Daniel, Daniel, Servant of the Lord • Is a Light Shining in the Heaven, and ten other selections.



(Claude Rhea, Tenor) The Elijah: Then Shall the Righteous Shine Forth • Ye People Rend Your Hearts, and nine other selections.



(Jam es Berry, Baritone) God Is Our Refuge and Strength • Thy Word Is a Lamp • Song of Penitence, and seven other beautiful songs. RESPLENDENT THEMES (Paul Mlckelson, Arrange and Conductor) Friendship With Jesus • Sweet Hour of Prayer • Grace Greater Than Our Sins, and nine more inspiring songs. W-7002-LP


PAUL MICKELSON ... Plays the Conn Classic Organ

God of Our Fathers • Largo from Xerxis • More Love to Thee • Lamb of God • The Lost Chord, and seven more songs.


with electronic equipment With the installation of modern electronic equipment, Moody Bible Institute has taken another giant forward step, in the teaching of lan­ guages. New technique being used is finding wide acceptance in secular schools, colleges and the armed forces.

his own privgfe_


consists of eight steel booths, each fully equipped with double tape recorder, microphone and earphones.

T e a c h i n g Speech a t MB I

A new three-room speech recording center has been established at MBI and will be used for classes in practice teaching, preaching, public speaking and storytelling. It is possible to record from these rooms in a central control center at one time. Teacher can signal by means of intercom system. With these facilities, student will have at least two recordings of speeches made dur­ ing a semester. Then he will have opportu­ nity to listen to it critically by himself, or together with teacher for his evaluation. New TV classrooms Two of the rooms in the speech center are equipped with closed circuit television. As

W ha t n ew lab m eans to MBI studen ts , , . 1. Affords opportunity of personal lan­ guage study with the help of electronic tutor. By means of a double tape re­ corder, student can listen to native speak the foreign language and listen to himself repeating the same words. He can compare and evaluate as many times as he wishes. Or if he prefers, he can listen again to the “master,” mak­ ing a new recording of his own version by automatically erasing his previous attempts.

etition as he needs, with nothing to stop him but his own ambitions and talents. 3. Currently, the MBI language library consists of more than 250 tapes in Span­ ish and French. 4. Daily classwork includes listening assignments of classic literature, Bible passages and basic conversation. 5. Speed of learning is greatly in­ creased and research studies indicate, from a qualitative point of view, that students who have been exposed to lab methods do far better than those who have had no contact with the lab.

2 . Student can progress entirely at his own rate of learning, with as much rep­

While this laboratory method is revolutionary and the facilities new and exciting—it is only a tool. At MBI this effective tool is helping train future missionaries to reach the 2,000 tongues as yet without the gospel. A t Moody y o u can c h o o se from 8 basic co u rses .. . General Bible, Pastors Course, Christian Education, Missionary Course, Sacred Music, Christian Education-Music , Jewish Missions and Missionary Technical Course-all are tuition free! Accredited by Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges

INTERDENOM INATIONAL . . . EVANGELICAL M O O D Y B I B L E I NS T I T U T E 820 N. LaSalle Street • Chicago 10, Illinois Dr. William Culbertson, president

student speaks or preaches before a TV camera, the teacher and part of class retire to a small viewing room where they watch student on TV set. This permits discussion and evaluation of performance while speech is in progress, without interruption. As in the language lab, these new facili­ ties enrich the class experience of student and increase teaching efficiency of instruc­ tor. Student has the opportunity of observ­ ing and evaluating many speeches during a semester, benefiting from his own perform­ ances as well as those of fellow students.

Get applications in early! To avoid disappointment, students wishing to apply for admittance are urged to complete forms well In advance of semester in which

or. ». Maxwell

Coder, dean ••

theywishto enroll.

Dept. K-0-262


Please send me a copy of: n Life at Moody □ Latest Moody catalog






A 1 ^ 1 i o r C i r i ; ^ B u A publication of the Bible Institute ot Los Angeles, Inc. Louis T. Talbot, Chancellor S. H. Sutherland, President • Ray A. Myers, Chairman of the Board JANUARY, in the year of our Saviour Vol. 51, No. 1 Nineteen Hundred and Sixty Established. .1910 Dedicated to the spiritual development of the Christian home

M t k

THE NEW YEAR ROAD — Edwin Raymond Anderson ......... 12 THE KING'S BUSINESS JUBILEE DIARY — Betty Bruechert 14 YOUR 1959 WATCH NIGHT SERVICE — Ernest M. Wadsworth 18 MYSTERY MAN OF MONTROSE — Walter L. Wilson .............. 20 NEW VOICE TO RUSSIA — Ben L. Armstrong .......... 22 CHRIST'S SUFFICIENT GRACE — Philip Howard 24 TAKE THE GUESS OUT OF YOUTH WORK — Ted Engstrom ........... .............................. ..... ................ ..... 26 ARMAGEDDON: THE CONFLICT OF THE AGES — Lehman Strauss ................................... .......................... ............. 28 THE LOST SHEEP — Leonard Eilers ............................... 50 POSTERS THAT TRANSFORM PEOPLE — Hazel Thomson 72 EDITORIAL — Samuel H. Sutherland ......................... ......... ......... 8 DR. TALBOT'S QUESTION BOX — Louis T. Talbot ................... 34 TALKING IT OVER — Clyde M. Narramore .................................... 36 SCIENCE AND THE BIBLE — Bolton Davidheiser ..... 41 BOOK REVIEWS — Arnold Ehlert ...................................................... 43 THE CHRISTIAN HOME — Paul Bayles ......................................... 46 UNDER THE PARSONAGE ROOF — Althea Miller ..................... 47 CHURCH RECREATION — Jim Slevcove .......... 48 TALKS TO TEENAGERS — Betty Bruechert .................................. 49 PERSONAL EVANGELISM — Benjamin Weiss ............................. 57 WORLD NEWS — J. O. Henry ...................................................... 64 HYMNS YOU LOVE — Phil Kerr .......................................... 65 ALUMNI NEWS — Inez McGahey 71

F m h m

The aged Peter in prison with other Chris­ tians, awaiting unknown tortures and possible death, comforts and reassures a young man by telling him the story of his own faith. We see the proud, boastful Peter turn into a coward and a traitor the night he betrays his beloved Lord. And then miraculously the fearful, trembling man becomes Peter, the rock, as the power of the Holy Spirit comes upon him, and the true meaning of the resurrection becomes a living reality in his life. Hope and encouragement to all people everywhere today is offered in this dy­ namic spiritual film, as Peter emphasizes — “The power of His resurrection was not just for the day in which He rose from the dead — it is for today — for you and me. He is alive!” For the spiritual impact of the year in your church, ask your film library for “THE POWER OF THE RESURRECTION,” or write

A new cover design for the Jubilee issue has on it the picture of one of our KING'S BUSINESS families. Dr. and Mrs. Clifton Hanna read over some of the special features with their children Julie (2), Stephen (8), Gary (9), and Ronnie (11). Dr. Hanna is a newly appointed member of the Biola Board of Directors. — All Rights Reserved —


J. RUSSELL ALLDER: Business Manager


Irene Boyd, Bolton Davidheiser, Arnold D. Ehlert, Charles L. Feinberg, Edward Hayes, James O Henry, Martha S. Hooker, AI Sanders, Oran H. Smith, Gerald B. Stanton

ADVERTISING — For information address the Advertising Manager, The King's Business, 558 South Hope Street, Los Angeles 17, California. MANUSCRIPTS — "The King's Business" cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to manuscripts mailed to us for consideration. Second-class postage paid at Los An­ geles, California. Printed in U.S.A. by Church Press, Glendale, California. ADDRESS: The King's Business, 558 S. Hope St., Los Angeles 17, California.

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5823 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood 38, California

60 MINUTE SOUND MOTION PICTURE O lii) natal — $37.50 calir, $25.00 klack I; white



L ib e ria ...................................Ja n u a ry 2 0 - 2 2 G h a n a .......................................................Ja n u a ry 2 3 - 2 6 N igeria . . . . Ja n u a ry 2 7 - F e b r u a ry 10 S o . R h o d e s i a ....................................F e b ru a ry 1 9 - 2 3 No. R h o d e s ia .....................F e b ru a ry 2 4 - 2 5 T a n g a n y i k a ............................... F e b ru a ry 2 8 K e n y a ..................................................... M arch 1 R u a n d a / U r u n d i......................................M arch2 - 3 K e n y a ........................................................... M arch4 - 6 E t h i o p i a .......................................M arch 7 -1 0 Hear HOUR OF DECISION, every Sunday from Africa . ABC—NBC — Mutual Networks Consult local newspapers for time and stations B ILLY G R A H A M E V A N G E L I S T IC A S S O C IA T IO N • 1300 Harmon Place, Minneapolis 3, Minnesota JANUARY, 1960 5

Reader Reaction SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISM ARTICLE I want an extra copy of the Octo­ ber article by Dr. De Haan ( “What Do Seventh-Day Adventists Believe Today” ). I couldnt help think of a former neighbor who believes in that cult. Please send them your October issue (address given). For the past eight years they have given us a sub­ scription to their magazine. I get so disgusted with all of the slanted articles. Would it be rude to write to the company and tell them that we don’t care to have the magazine. After reading one recent article, I believe it’s a sin to let it come into our home. I didn’t realize they were so far from the truth in so many ways. I don’t think a lot of Christians realize all of these false teachings. Mrs. Simon Kower, Nooksack, Washington E ditor ’ s N ote : Without question II John 10 and 11 would have reference to such magazines coming into your home. Look up the verses and also apply them to any who would seek entrance into your home to spread the evil doctrines of these false cults. MORE ON THE S.D.A.'s I recently saw my first copy of your fine magazine and I must say I was very much impressed by it. I don’t know why I hadn’t seen it before, but I feel I simply must have it every month. May God bless Dr. DeHaan for his article on Seventh-Day Adventism, and you folk for printing it. Our work here is a small one, but God is good and we are seeing young people come to Him almost daily. Please pray for us as we will for you now that we know of your ministry. Douq Wing, Pauling County Youth for Christ, Pauling, Ohio. ENJOYS QUESTION BOX The “ Question Box” is worth the price of the magazine alone. The timely articles exposing the cults are most desirable. Mrs. Anna Toborsky, Kent, Washington. FEATURES ENJOYED The KING’S BUSINESS is such a wonderful magazine and so helpful to me in many ways. Dr. Talbot’s “ Question Box” an­ swers many questions. I enjoy the everyday life of Althea Miller’s “Un­ der the Parsonage Roof,” and Dr. Narramore’s page is very interesting. With all of the other features, I feel it is a “must-have” magazine. Mrs. Frank McCall, Santa Ana, California.

W ILL YOU HELP? "Our Lord commissioned you 'Go preach saying, The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers/ " — Matt. 10:7, 8 Write for information to AMERICAN LEPROSY MISSIONS Rev. David E. Todd, Reg. Dir. THE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY OF JAPAN Has an urgent need for Teachers Qualified teachers who wish to share in the over-all missionary program in Japan are urged to seriously consider this challenge. Next yeor, teochers for science, music, and physical edu­ cation are needed, in addition to three elemen­ tary teachers. The Christian Academy this year has on en­ rollment of over two hundred. About one hun­ dred seventy of these are children of mission­ aries, the others are Orientals.’ * For further details write to: Mr. Martin Essenburg, Headmaster Christian Academy in Japan 30 Ochiai, Kurume-machi Kitatama-gun, Tokyo, Japan GLENDALE READERS will find all of their supply needs at THE BIOLA BOOK ROOM 121 West Wilson, Glendale, California 4219 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, Calif.

25 t y c m à Reaching Tomorrow/s LEADERS TODAY WITH THE Wo rd of L i fe



• 100 workers in 10 states • 300,000 boys and girls reached each month in public schools • 1,725/000 Scriptual Awards given to children for memorizing selected Bible verses • 55,000 have attended CBM Bible Camps • Many more reached thru Youth Conferences, Vacation Bible Schools, Radio Broadcasts f CBM methods and materials used on foreign mission fields • Thousands serving the Lord at home and abroad who were sav­ ed thru CBM CBM NEEDS IN 1 9 6 0 -

MADE PLAIN! TREASURES OF TRUTH AND KNOWLEDGE BY HERBERT W. BIEBER, D.D. £ Each book is a “ compendium of iy Scripture Truth” . . . with sub- ■»• jects outlined and abundant ^ commentary notes for deeper ** study or exposition. js I

I S1/P* Si t Jc It c

Volume 1. r a n Volume 2, |Titles The Sin Question The Contrast Full Assurance Christ’s Doctrine Of Salvation, and Others Repentance Justification Sanctification Redemption, and Others EACH VOLUME ONLY $ 1 . 0 0 POSTPD ^ Bible Study Outlines 50c Seven Series in all with a min* imum of 14 lessons each.-’ Care­ fully Outlined, ‘ k e y e d with scriptures* Samples on request. SERIES Write for our list of 102 outlines, covering all major Bible subjects These books are used by pastors, Bible students and.y missionaries around the world. You, too, will find them vital helps in understanding God’s Word OUR ENDORSEMENT COMMITTEE Dr. T. Roland Phillips Rev. Coulson Shepherd .-3 Dr. Wilber Smith V; Bob Jones, Jr. \ Dr. Torrey Johnson !L Rev. Theodore H. Epp ^ THE UNION BIBLE STUDY ASSN R. O . Box 284, Winter Park, Florida Titles $ Í 7 Í 5 Dr. M. R. DeHaan Dr. V. R. Edman Dr. Oswald M. Smith Dr. Walter Wilson Rev. Wendell Loveless Dr. John G. Mitchell Ifl

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W r ite fo r In form a tion

C h ild r en ' s B ib le M ission Box 1137, Lakeland, Florida Kenneth A. Amster, General Director



s4&out file flud-iiee M u c h earnest prayer and careful planning has been carried on for nearly a year in preparation for this once in a half-century publication. Throughout the 76 pages of this en­ larged edition of the KING’S BUSI­ NESS are articles, features a n d columns which have been designed with one purpose in mind; that to challenge and inspire the heart of every reader. We are greatly indebted to a large number of people for making it possi­ ble for us to present this special edi­ tion. Without the help of Christian advertisers, it would be impossible to print a book of this size made avail­ able to readers for only 25 cents. Many of our regular advertisers have increased their space and other new advertisers are to be found in this issue. Our special thanks also goes to the Church Press, the company which for many years has printed t h e KING’S BUSINESS. The interest shown by Mr. Kenneth Farson and Mr. Bernard Farson goes far beyond that of the usual client-printer rela­ tionship. These two dedicated Chris­ tian businessmen have offered invalu­ able help and advice in the many technical aspects of the publication, not only this month, but also for each issue of the year. Editorially, we have appreciated the fine articles submitted by some of this year’s speakers for the 25th an­ nual Torrey Memorial Bible Confer­ ence, sponsored by the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Inc. To Mrs. Betty Bruechert former managing editor, who prepared the Jubilee KING’S BUSINESS Diary we would want to also express our sincere appreciation. Mrs. Irene Boyd, copy editor, has spent many extra hours in checking proofs. Many people behind the scenes have had a share in the multitude of details which must be handled for a magazine of this size. On behalf of Dr. Ray A. Myers, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Inc.; Dr. Louis T. Talbot, chancellor; and Dr. Samuel H. Sutherland, presi­ dent; the presentation of this Jubilee anniversary issue of the K I N G ’ S BUSINESS is made. We trust, under the guidance and | direction of the Lord, that this issue will only be a foretaste of the others I to come during our 50th year. Pray with us and for us that in all things | Christ the Lord may have the pre- j eminence. — The Staff

W H E R E A R E Y O U ? While professing allegiance to Jesus Christ as your Saviour are you denying to millions of your fellow men the opportunity of salvation through Jesus Christ? Are you making any sacrifice to reach souls in darkness? Are you praying for missions, going to mission fields or giving to mission work? Write for your Free cur­ rent issue of “Eastern Challenge?’ which brings you thrilling reports of Soul-winning direct from missionaries in foreign lands.

2 3 4 B ERG EN AVE. • J ER S EY C IT Y 5, N. J. Now available -50 year complete magazine index Compiled by Dr. Arnold Ehlert — Only $3.00 per copy K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S 558 South Hope Street, Los Angeles 17, California

N a i l i n g

p r i n t s c J o J c je

San Gabriel Canyon A Christian mountain resort catering to individuals, families, groups, retreats. For information — WRITE P. O. BOX A — Azusa, California or phone Covina Exchange, San Gabriel Canyon # 7

DR. DONALD W. BURDICK Professor o f N ew Testam ent



7 CHANGED MY MIND ABOUT SUNDAY SCHOOL" by Rev. Tim F. LaHaye . . . is the title of a thought-provoking article by a successful minister showing that “the pastor is the key to the Sunday School.” In his strongly reasoned article, he points out to every pastor / v / riti T'X how “in building a good / FOR \ Sunday School, he is build- I r n r r ] ing a strong church.” I ■ I \ R E P R I N T S / Gospel[¡(jilt J P U B L I C A T I O N S SACRED PIANO SOLOS "There's a Wideness in God's Mercy" "Blessed be the Fountain" "Safe in the Arms of Jerus" Classical arrangements. Original •introductions. Rich harmonies. Brilliant cadenzas. Modulations. Chimes. Each 35c. A LL THREE FOR $1.00 post­ paid. r fàer fro*n GORDON E. HOOKER 13800 Biola Ave., La Mirada, Calif. Dept. G K 10 GLENDALE 5, CALIF. • MOUND, MINN.


In a recent issue of "This Week" m a g a z i n e , there ap­ peared an article entitled, "Science Takes a New Look at S ex in America." It w a s written by Howard Whitman, "one of America's best-known writers on scientific and sociological subjects." In certain ways it was an en­ couraging article, chiefly because almost for the first time in many, many years there seemed to be a facing up to facts in connection with the moral degeneracy which is characteristic of the present times. It is our conviction that this moral degeneracy is due, in large measure, to the completely erroneous attitude toward sex which has been advocated by l e a d i n g sociologists,

Dr. Samuel H. Sutherland

psychologists, psychiatrists and other authorities who deal with the great sociological problems which exist in our modern-day life. It was an encouraging surprise to note in the article a quotation from a prominent psychologist who said, "There is very tangible and very present hell on this earth. It is this — the hell of neurosis and psychosis — to which sin and unexpiated guilt lead us." For years it has been very unpopular and all but taboo in certain sociological circles to apply the term "sin" to the utterly immoral acts and talk that are so prevalent even in so-called decent society today. If a young unmarried girl is found to be pregnant, it has been considered completely wrong and unwise to say or even think that she and the young man in­ volved have committed sin. These sociologists declare that they are merely victims of an unhealthy economic and sociological condition; they should be encouraged to do better, but certainly they are not to be condemned for what they have done. It has come to the point where reformers, in an effort to elevate society, have taken the position that those who engage in such conduct not only should not be con­ demned but, by their attitude, these sociologists even refuse to condemn the sinful act itself. Thus immoral be­ haviour has become glamorized and made rather fashionable, instead of being portrayed as the wicked deed which the Word of God plainly describes it to be. Much of the blame for this terrifying situation must be placed on the shoulders of behavioural sociologists and psychiatrists who have endeavored to minimize the sinful­ ness of sin and specifically the sinfulness of immorality. They have been endeavoring to gloss it over as though it were something that would be well to avoid but, if not, there

THE KING’S BUSINESS makes the Ideal Gift! DO YOU KNOW A GIRL 'IN TROUBLE? Attention Pastors and other Christian Workers: Although our California state licensed agency can place children only in Los Angeles County, we can accept children for adoption from -anywhere in the United States. If you know of an unwed expectant mother who wishes to place her baby in a Bible-believing Protestant home thru this Christian agency, please write or call us (CWen 1-1757) today. All matters handled in the strictest con­ fidence. Evangelical Welfare Agency Dr. W. L. Penner, Executive Director 15842 E. Russell St. (Dept. K. B.) Whittier, California



is nothing much to be alarmed at if couples indulge in such conduct. It made one rather disheartened to read in the above- mentioned article that the purpose of present-day "re­ searchers in human behaviour" is "to bring understanding out of confusion." The article continues, "The purpose is not to restore the old Victorian standards based on ignor­ ance and fear, but to establish new ones based on knowledge and the freedom to select the good, reject the bad." One wonders just how naive these "researchers in human behav­ iour" can become — in thinking that proper knowledge of sex and sex relations can and will lead young people to "select the good, rej ect the bad." Such an approach ignores completely the universal fact of the sinfulness of man and the fact that the "heart of man is desperately wicked" - that man, by nature, will select the bad even though he may know the good very well indeed ! furthermore, we might well ask the question, What was so wrong with the "old Victorian standards" anyway? It is readily granted that even in those days evidently a great deal of immorality existed "under cover." But that was not because of "the Victorian stand­ ards." Those standards were based, in large measure, upon the standards which are laid down by God in His Holy Word. It was not the Victorian standards that were wrong — it was those who violated those standards who were wrong. In view of the fact that it is quite readily admitted by social workers, today, that moral standards have degener­ ated to an appreciably lower level than were those of the Victorian era, one must conclude that all of the knowledge about and emphasis upon sex which we have seen in these re­ cent years has certainly not produced the desired results of keeping young people from falling into sin. The call, today, is for the church of Jesus Christ to pro­ claim once again the sinfulness of sin and the tragedy that surely results in following one's sinful desires. The call, today, is for the church to proclaim, once again, a doctrine of self-discipline and self-restraint and self-control, rather than self-indulgence and self-gratification. And the call, today, is for the church of Jesus Christ to let the world know how intensely it despises, even as God Himself hates, sin in any form while at the same time loving the sinner and caring for his soul. The ten commandments, as given to Moses by God Himself, so many centuries ago, still constitute the moral code by which the Lord expects Chris­ tians to conduct themselves and which Christians and non- Christians alike should set up as their standard for the welfare of the individual and for society as a whole. When we are born again, He writes the moral law in our hearts. In addition to speaking out against sin and encouraging people everywhere to "abhor that which is evil," it is the added responsibility and glorious privilege of the church to proclaim the fact that even though a man is a sinner in thought and word and deed - there is still hope. That hope lies in the personal acceptance of Jesus Christ as one's own Saviour from sin. He, alone, can save and deliver from the guttermost to the uttermost. It is the glorious privilege of the church to beseech men everywhere to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour and to trust Him completely for salvation and everlasting life as well as for victory over sins of the flesh.

DR . W ILL IAM CULBERTSON P resid en t, M o o d y B ib le In stitu te speaks on the fundamentals of the faith. T h e B ib l e “ Biblical Christianity is not the stumbling, faltering, bungling guesses of men who evolved a man-made faith. It is the revela­ tion of the great God. Just because God— in keeping with His own character and purposes— chose not to give this revelation all at once is no rea­ son to mistake it for the blunderings of men. Progress in divine revelation is never from error to truth; it is always from seed to fruit, from little to much. But remem­ ber, even the embryo, even the little, is precious truth, not to be discarded, but to be regarded as foundational and funda­ mental. To spurn the message of the in­ spired and infallible Word of God is to court eternal disaster.” öuuuiu IIÖVC Dr. Culbertson’s book, “ God’s Provision for Holy Living,” a happy blending of Bible study and practical exhortation. 112 pages, paper bound. For your free copy, write Moody Bible Institute, Dept. K-0-860, 820 N. LaSalle Street, Chicago 10, 111.

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Third and Dolan


Downey, California

DR. PHILIP HOWARD, JR. Editor, The Sunday School Times DR. W ILLIAM A. MIEROP Former President of Philadelphia College of the Bible DR. WALTER L. WILSON Pastor, Central Bible Church Kansas City, Missouri DR. W ILLIAM WARD AYER


Dr. Charles W. Mayes, Pastor

1925 East Fifth Street

Long Beach, California


Dr. George 0 . Peek, Pastor

6095 Orange Avenue

Long Beach, California


Rev. Omer G. Norris, Pastor

2241 Walgrove Ave.

Venice, California

Former pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, New York City, N. Y.



Rev. Ellis Shaw

Evangelist, Montrose, California

1845 30th Street

San Diego, California



President, Faith Seminary, Philadelphia, Penn.

Sixth and Hope

Los Angeles, California



First Baptist Church, Pontiac, Michigan

Dr. Oscar Lowry, Pastor

445 West Montana Street

Pasadena, California

DR. GERALD STOVER Evangelist, Bible Teacher Sauderton, Pennsylvania MAJOR IAN THOMAS

SAN GABRIEL UNION CHURCH Rev. Joseph Hemphill, Pastor

Pine at Las Tunas

San Gabriel, California

Popular Conference Speaker from the British Isles



2610 Galveston

San Diego, California

Director, Talbot Theological Seminary


DR. LOUIS T. TALBOT Chancellor, The Bible Institute of Los Angeles DR. ARTHUR B. WH ITING

Rev. Walter Scott, Pastor

224 W. California

Ontario, California


Chairman, English Bible Department Bible Institute of Los Angeles

Biola La Mirada Campus Biola Ave. North of Rosecrans


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Perry and Brown


Mr. Larry E. Ward has been appoint­ ed vice-president in charge of Infor­ mational Services for World Vision. A graduate of Wheaton College, Ward formerly was managing editor of “ Christian Life” and “ Christianity Today.” Mr. Henry Kraak has been named as director of Administrative Services for World Vision. Mr. Henry G. Perry, executive secre­ tary of the American Tract Society, participated in his group’s 90th con­ secutive year of presenting Bibles to the incoming class of West Point cadets. Cadet Phil Brown accepted the first Bible on behalf of the 502 in­ coming cadets. Dr. Harry McCormick Lintz, director- evangelist of the Victory Crusade Evangelistic Association, has complet­ ed meetings throughout the “ deep” south area of the country and reports unusual results in church sponsored meetings. He distributed more than 1,000 complimentary copies of The Amplified New Testament during this period. Miss Rose Christiansen, teenager of Spokane, Washington, has been an­ nounced as winner of the Youth for Christ International’s Evolution Essay Contest. Several hundred teenagers participated in the contest with the award being presented through Rev. Fred J. Meldau, editor of the “ Chris­ tian Victory Magazine.” Miss Ethel Wallis and Miss Mary Ben­ nett, will see the second printing of their recent work concerning Wy- cliffe Bible Translators, “ Two Thou­ sand Tongues to Go.” The book is published by Harper and Brothers. The well-known firm is also publish­ ing a collection of “ Evangelical Ser­ mons of our Day.” Dr. Andrew W. Blackwood is editing the work. Dr. Oswald J. Smith, former pastor, Peoples Church, Toronto, Canada, has completed missionary speaking as­ signments for the Centennial Cele­ bration of Missions in the land of Japan.

Rev. J. Hubert Cook has been elected president of the Interdenominational Foreign Missions Association at its 42nd annual convention in Racine, Wisconsin. Other officers include: Mr. Elrow LaRowe, Rev. C. G o r d o n Beacham vice-presidents; Rev. F. Eldon Durant, secretary; and Rev. A. H. Ter- Meer, treasurer. Dr. Cyrus Gordon, world-famous ar­ chaeologist and educator gave the key­ note address for the academic sym­ posia held at Wheaton College recent­ ly. The meeting was a part of the college’s centennial observance. Dr. Joseph Free, director of Bible archae­ ology at Wheaton was also featured. Dr. Jerry Beaven, director of the Afri­ can campaign of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Team, has anounced meetings for Liberia, Ghana, and Nigeria in West Africa to begin January 12th. Others associated with Dr. Graham will be Leighton Ford, Howard Jones, Grady Wilson a n d Roy Gustafson. Dr. Kenneth Strachan, director of the Latin America Mission, has set New Year’s Eve as the date for launching “ Evangelism in Depth,” a new con­ cept of missionary witness in Nica­ ragua. The program, which entails many phases of Gospel proclamation, will last six months. LAM also an­ nounces a new 15 minute motion pic­ ture, “ Partnership,” available in color for church showings. Dr. Roy B. McKeown, director of Los Angeles Youth for Christ, and head of the YFC Washington, D. C. Capitol Teen Convention, has announced spe­ cial speakers for the December 28-30 conclave. Men to be heard include: Drs. Billy Graham, Bob Pierce, and Ted Engstrom. Also on the YFC scene, Mr. Warren Wiersbe has been named man­ aging editor of Youth for Christ magazine, succeeding Vernon McLellan. Dr. Harold W. Boon, president of Nyack Missionary College, has been elected president of the Accrediting Association for Bible Colleges.

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■ b r a n d n e w b u n d d e marked “ A New Year” has been * placed before us, which contains an assortment of days. For some of us, there will be more than others, but we can only extract one at a time. We cannot count them all at once, for as the Word of God reminds us: “ What is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.” . A brand new year! W e face it, each with our own - thoughts. We think of tomorrow in the light and shadows of yesterday, sincerely desiring even to the point of earnestly promising ourselves, that this year shall tell a t better story. For many this will revolve about the business of RESOLUTIONS—-those solemn promises compiled in a long list of do’s and don’ts. A prominent psychology professor has expressed concern r

by Edwin Raymond Anderson

over this, because it has become a joke with most people. After careful study, he has come up with a 7-step program for success in the endeavor, as follows:— 1. Do not try to put the resolutions into effect all at once on the very first day. It would be better to arrange a l “ preparation period.” 2. It would be better to start by drawing up a list of the things you like to do; the enterprise will become easier in that manner. 3. Do not draw up a long list of some 10-30 resolutions; you will be defeated before you begin. Pick up only 1 or 2 resolutions at the commencement. 4. Do not seek to locate the most troublesome problem— not at the beginning. It will be better to pick out the relatively minor sore-spots. 5. Make your intended resolutions as specific as possible. Do not be too vague, too general; do not try to cover too much territory. 6. When you have decided upon the resolutions, prepare to put them into definite effect. Tell your husband, your wife, what you plan. Think often of those resolu­ tions. Get them deeply planted in your mind; in that way you will steel yourself for the job of actually keep­ ing them. 7. The job, itself, will officially begin on “R-day,” the actual date when you feel ready to start. Then work real hard at it! And if “ 7” be the number of perfection, then it is all

but bitter irony, for most people sense a “ catch” in the program. It reads well, it means well, but where will the actual power come from to gain victory? Are you not conscious of a deep division between the desire and the actual doing? You will get small comfort from the Bible, for it is silent on this matter of resolutions. But it cries aloud for the desperate need of a genuine spiritual REVOLUTION in the heart: “ Ye MUST be born again,” “ We MUST be saved.” There is no power in yourself as you are—for the Bible declares that you are “dead in trespasses and sins,” “ without strength.” What, therefore, will give the power, grant the enabling for real living on a higher level? Not a 7-step program of human outreach, but a simple, single step of repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a long proven reality: “ If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature.” He who said, “Behold, I make all things n ew ” will thus possess the life in such a gracious and glorious way that you will be able to say, “For to me to live is Chrisf’; and “ the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.” When you are His, this may well be your “ resolution” for the days ahead: “ This one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Avoilable in the tract form from the American Tract Societv 513 West 166th Street, New York 32, N.Y.


B illy Graham I have been a regular reader of KING'S BUSINESS almost as long as

John F. W a lvoo rd President Dallas Theological Seminary We congratulate the KING'S BUSINESS on completing fifty years

It gives me great pleasure and joy to be able to participate in the

I can remem­ ber. I know of few magazines which a re so completely sat­ urated with in­ spiration a n d which are more Christ-centered. I have always

Golden Jubilee of the KING'S BUSINESS and t o contribute this expression of appreciation on the Fiftieth Anniversary. For many years I have been read­

of notable serv­ ice in the field of C h r i s t i a n j ournal i sm. Y o u r faithful­ ness to t h e Word of God, your accuracy i n theological statement, your

■ Ì

admired your typography and for­ mat. One gets the impression that the editors not only are intent in presenting a well-rounded Christian message but that they also are de­ sirous of presenting it in an artistic fashion. Neither the material nor the art work is "thrown together." The KING'S BUSINESS is a credit to the cause of evangelical litera­ ture. May God continue to bless you and may KING'S BUSINESS always be with us.

ing the KING'S BUSINESS and fol­ lowed its policy and program with great satisfaction. During t h e s e years I have seen many other erst­ whilefundamental magazines fall by the wayside or giving way to compromise and soft-peddling some of the basic doctrines of our faith. Accept my sincerest congratula­ tions and assurance of our continued prayers. JANUARY, 1960

altertness to the spiritual issues of the day, and your contribution to the proclamation of Biblical truth has set apart the KING'S BUSINESS as a most unusual and effective publication. May the Lord bless you and may the good work be continued as you begin the second half of the century. (More Jubilee Comments on page 60)

King s Business


by Betty Bruechert,


Managing Editor, The King’s

former T hese are excerpts from T H E KING’S BUSINESS from 1910 to 1960 relating to the Bible Institute, the times, various individual Chris­ tians, and the church of Christ at large. Unless otherwise indicated, the quotations are editorial comment. JANUARY i , 1910 “ The supreme business of the be­ liever in this world is that which a loving Lord has committed to His servants—the giving of the glorious gospel to a perishing people. This work was not left to the church in a general sort of way, so that no one is specially responsible for it, but in a definite way, so that there is an in­ dividual responsibility for it. “ It is a personal business. Every servant had some pounds. ‘To every man his work.’ ‘The Spirit divideth to every man severally as He will.’ ‘Every man shall give an account of himself.’ There are no exceptions.” APRIL, 1911 “ How solemnly the book of God warns against new and false doc­ trines. . . . The essential marks of the Gospel are: the authority of the Bible, the deity of Christ, the efficacy of the blood of Christ for the justification of believers, the necessity of the new birth, and salvation through faith by free grace of God, apart from works. All false religions deny these. Our safety lies alone in the Old Book. ‘Thy Word is truth.’ (John 17:7).” News Item: “ The future is big with promise. In the choicest portion of the most favor­ ed. country in the world, in a city destined to be unique in its greatness and upon which the eyes of the world are now centered—a city into which are pouring multitudes of people, and to which thousands more will come when the Canal is opened (Panama Canal), God has placed us for the accomplishment of a great task . . . We believe we have come into the kingdom for such a time and service as this.” MAY, 1912

the first class of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles') was a unique figure, and beloved by everyone who knew him.” JUNE, 1915 Comments on World War I before the United States entered the conflict: “ The demoralizing effect of war is al­ most incredible to one who has had no experience in war . . . all of the atrocities are not committed by Ger­ man soldiers . . . The awful guilt before God and man of those persons responsible for the present European war, awaits the verdict of history. All our hearts have been wrung with agony at what the Belgians have suf­ fered, and now we are beginning to hear of even more awful things in Russian Poland. . . . How are mad men to think they can ever gain any­ thing in the final outcome of War.” FEBRUARY, 1916 Further comment on World War I: “Many present-day prophets a r e confident of the certainties of their predictions (that the Lord was com­ ing immediately and that the Ger­ man Kaiser was Antichrist) . . . The experience of those who have tried to predict minutely times and events in the past ought to make these present- day prophets more cautious . . . they bring reproach upon the Word of God.” JUNE, 1917 News Item: “ At last America has been sucked into the awful maelstrom of war (the USA declared war on Germany April 6, 1917). Even though we must fight, let us fight as Christians. Let us pray not only in order that our country may be spared, but also in the inter­ ests of our enemies, that war may soon be brought to an end.” JANUARY, 1918 “ A few months ago most of us were confident that with the entrance of America into the war, the end of the war was in sight . . . Most thoughtful people are not so sure today . . . Per­ sonally, we believe the Allies will win.” . . . Suppose though they are defeated. Then there will be very

JULY, 1913

Significant Event: “ ‘UNTO HIM THAT LOVED US, AND WASHED US FROM OUR SINS IN HIS OWN BLOOD’ (Rev. 1:5). So reads the inscription upon the cornerstone of our new building, (Sixth and Hope) which was laid with simple and appropriate cere­ monies on Saturday afternoon, May 31, 1913. . . . The copper box placed in the stone contains the fol­ lowing items: the city newspapers of May 31st, copies of The King’s Busi­ ness, the Statement of Doctrine, a

1926 cover at passing of R. A. Toney catalog and circulars of the Institute, a list of the officers, faculty, workers and students, names of the architects, superintendent of the building and assistant, a copy of the address given by the president, a copy of ‘What the Bible Teaches’ by Dr. R. A. Torrey, and a Scofield Bible.” MARCH, 1914 News Item: “ ‘Sad news fom Africa. Cablegram says Tom Hannay is dead from ty­ phoid fever. W ill you notify his friends? It will be some weeks before we can get the particulars from the field. May God comfort those who re­ main behind and gird us anew to press on in the battle.’ “ The above telegram reached us Feb. 9th and filled us with a strange sorrow. Tom Hannay, ( graduate of



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