November 2015

RECALL ELECTION A meeting of the members will be held on Monday, December 14 at the La Palma Clubhouse to open and tabulate the votes for removal of B RIAN C ANFIELD , M ARYELLEN M UIR , B ARRY S TILWELL and T ED W ILSON from the Board of Directors. The meeting will be called to order at 10:30AM and immediately recessed for counting of the ballots. Counting of the ballots will be conducted by The Inspectors of Election, LLC (TIE) in the East Room. Owners are welcome to observe the process. The Members Meeting will resume at 1PM and TIE will announce the election results. The Board will proceed to consider its regular meeting agenda, which will be posted four days prior to the meeting.

Ballots for the Recall Election will be in the mail by no later than Tuesday, November 10, 2015. There will be no on-site ballot box for this election. Your ballot must be mailed (don’t forget to affix postage) and received by The Inspectors of Elections by 5PM, Thursday, December 10 . PLEASE ALLOW ADEQUATE TRANSIT TIME. If your ballot is not received by the deadline, it won’t be counted. See S USAN in the Board Room for a replacement ballot which will be issued upon execution of an affidavit that you either lost, destroyed or did not receive the first Ballot.




The Staff survived another hot summer filled with projects. For those of you not keeping up on the Out and About emails, there have been numerous projects to update the Resort. You will notice one of the largest changes as you enter the Resort with the new pavers.

Year end 2014-2015, when normalized for the mid-year increase in assessments, was as expected. During July some members of the Finance Committee and I met with the External Auditor both before and after the Audit. We received a clean Audit

November 2015 Published monthly November - April by the Owners’ Association Board of Directors President Allen Gayken Vice President Ron Jackson Secretary Maryellen Muir CFO Brian Canfield Members Skip Pisor Barry Stilwell Ted Wilson General Manager Clint Atherton Oracle Staff Editor Emeritus Cathy Chauncey Editor Ellen Lynch Assistant Editors Eva Norcross Karen Peterson Sports Editor

The stamped concrete was torn out and re- placed. Not only do the pavers look much nic- er than the stamped concrete, but they also provide for a less bumpy ride when driving over in golf carts, cars and recreational vehicles. Another change is the lake area by tee #1. The lake liner was replaced and the old liner was found to be tattered and well worn. In addition, chemicals were found in the soil under the liner that prevented compaction. Therefore dirt was removed which prolonged the length of the project. As part of the project, the waterfall next to the tee box was relined and reshaped to allow more water movement and also have a more dramatic look. The last piece of the project was the bridge from #18 green towards the Starter Shack. The failing existing wood bridge was removed and replaced with a concrete bridge covered with stone. The new bridge will require virtually no maintenance other than cleaning it. The last major cosmetic repair was the renovation of the West ES bathrooms. The rubberized flooring was replaced with tile and the existing wall tile, countertops and fixtures were redone. It should add for a nice updated feel when events are held in the ES Ballroom. There were other maintenance items completed such as separating the water meters from the commercial buildings from the residential lots as required by CVWD, re-roofing on some of the satellites and roof repairs to the clubhouses, tree trimming, replacement of some of the failing lake fountains and many other smaller repairs. In other news in the Resort, I am happy to report that Papa Dan’s will be returning to LP as will Marge’s Espresso Bar by the ES Pool. Sadly, as mentioned in an Out and About ,F RANCO passed away over the summer. The Salon will be taken over by L UPE G UTIERREZ who was assisting Franco. W E hope you will support her.

although there were a few comments on areas we could consider reviewing relating to thresholds for Capital. The Finance Committee is going to review the Auditor’s comments and make recommendations. During July and August of 2014, the electricity use was over budget by $9,141. During July and August of 2015, the electricity use was under budget by $9,785. The only significant difference between the two years was the satellites were open during July/August 2014 and were closed during July/August 2015. Please note, there is no absolute method available to accurately measure the satellite electricity use since the satellites are not metered separately. There was an increase in the cost of the lake liner of approximately $50,000 that was unforeseen until work began. The GM took the situation to the Board and the increased costs were accepted, based on the presentation of facts by the GM. As a consequence, the Board postponed some painting at ES as well as postponed some remodeling of the salon, to assist in staying within the overall budget. Currently, with most of the work completed, the Reserve Spending appears to be on budget. The overall Financial Governance process that was initiated last Spring appears to be working well. There will be areas of refinement to be addressed this season however I believe we are on the right track to control expenses with the support of the Board and the very capable assistance of the GM and the Controller.

Luann Ward Photo Editor

Sharen Woodgrift Production Staff Louise Knobf

Joanne Nyquist Mary Ann Priddy Margie Sleight Printing Southeast Publications Plantation, FL Oracle Office 760-328-3834 oracle @


to assist Owners with Board issues


FACILITIES PLANNING A big welcome back to everyone. Our wishes as a Committee are that you all enjoyed a happy and healthy time away. As I write this message, I am here early in October seeing all the hustle and bustle going around. Projects are being finalized - it's quite exciting! Our Committee this year will be involved primarily in finding solutions and better ways to serve our Owners with the kitchen facility at ES. To that endeavor, we look forward to working with kitchen planners, looking at other resorts, and getting input from users and volunteers with the activity groups within our Resort. Our ambition is to have a first class, workable kitchen that serves our needs going forward to the coming years. I look forward to seeing you in the Resort. D ICK T OMLIN Chair

The November meeting has been rescheduled and will be held on Wednesday, November 11 at 9AM in the Board Room. Our CC&Rs currently allow RV’s in the Resort as follows: Travel trailers that are no longer than 40 feet and no higher than 13.5 feet 5 th wheel trailers that (a) contain no more than industry standard square feet of gross area, (b) are no longer than 40 feet, and (c) are not high- er than 13.5 feet; Motor homes and bus conversions that meet industry standards, are no longer than 45 feet and are no higher than 13.5 feet. Industry standards are changing and many Owners have expressed a desire to bring into the Resort 5 th wheel trailers that meet industry standards, but exceed the 40 foot length requirement. Additionally, the CC&Rs do not set minimum length requirements for an RV in the Resort and again, many Owners have suggested a minimum length would be desirable. Both of these issues will be explored at our first meeting for the Committee to develop a recommendation to the Board of Directors for a possible amendment to the CC&Rs regarding RV’s. Any such amendment would require a vote of the membership. Owner input is encouraged and comments on these issues should be forwarded to Chair S KIP P ISOR in care of the Board Room. Owners are also welcome to attend the meeting. S KIP P ISOR Chair ON WATCH Summer has come to an end and was uneventful for the most part. A couple of break-ins were discovered as owners had vendors come to wash there rigs that were covered. In both incidents, Cathedral City PD were dis- patched and reports taken. There was a TV taken from one rig and also both rigs appeared to have been searched thoroughly for items leaving quite a mess for returning homeowners. I have been informed by other owners that have experienced some of this type of ac- tivity in the past that they have placed security systems in their units. Management will discuss these incidents with the Safety and Security Committee at their first meeting. In addition, our interim Post Commander Laura Duke has accepted another job within her company and is no longer posted at ORPS. Management with input from the Board is conducting a search for a new Post Commander and hopes to have someone in place soon.


ARE YOU COMING OR GOING??? Please inform the Mailroom when you arrive and when you leave . Your box will be closed if you do not wish to receive mail in the desert .

November Flower-Chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum petals can be boiled in order to make a sweet tea. It is believed that this tea has many medicinal uses including curing influenza.

Birthstone: Topaz The traditional color for topaz are yellow with a red tint, but they also come in a variety of colors including pinky red, red- brown, light Zodiac signs Scorpio Oct’ 23-Nov’ 21

Strong leaders, self motivated. Sagittarius Nov’ 22-Dec’ 21 Optimistic and known for their humor and wit.


FINANCE COMMITTEE A new year at ORPS is getting underway as is the Finance Committee with two meetings scheduled; Wednesday, November 4 and Wednesday, November 18 both at 2PM in the East Room. This year the Resort’s finances look better than in previous years for this time of the year. Operations Operating income for the first three months of the fiscal year was $1,046,000 and expenses were $1,042,000 for a net income of $4,000. Historically, we have shown a loss for the first three months of the fiscal year. The budget for the first three months projected a loss of $57,000. The largest savings in expenses was in utilities, which were $25,000 under budget. Expenses for Maintenance were $11,000 under budget. Expenses for Facilities and Vehicle Maintenance were significantly below budget. Reserve Fund Income in the Reserve Fund for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015 was $1,173,365 and expenses were $974,819 resulting in an increase of $198,546 in the Reserve Fund balance for the fiscal year. Projected in- come for the Reserve Fund this fiscal year is $1,208,148. Expenses in the first two months of the year were $470,000. Based on Board policy, it is projected that the Reserve Fund balance will increase by at least $240,000 by the end of the fiscal year. Capital Fund The Capital Fund has a balance of $44,000. There is no revenue increase included in the budget this fiscal year. B ILL D IETRICH Chair

COMMUNICATIONS Another season is beginning! Daylight savings time is ending! Our Resort is beginning to fill with returning Owners and Guests that have been renting for years and others for the first time, we have new Owners and all are welcome with open arms. We urge all to get involved, our Resort depends on volunteers. Also it is a great way to meet new people. It was a busy summer for updating our Resort. As you came in you might have noticed the new pavers. The ponds on the golf course have been redone and a new bridge from the 18 th green to the Starter Shack has been built. It is nice to have the bathrooms at El Saguaro updated, too. November 7 begins the activities starting with the Welcome Back Breakfast and the Welcome Dinner/ Dance. The Activities Committee members will be setting up for the breakfast and the champagne will be served by our Board members. The Dinner/Dance is a chance to catch up with friends and make new acquaint- ances. Our Resort is broken down into eight phases. This makes it a little easier to communicate with the whole Resort. We are always looking for new Phase Reps to help. Right now we would like to have a couple more Reps for Phases 3, 4 and 5. It is very rewarding and gives you a chance to interact with your neighbors. Come join us, our first meeting is on Monday, November 2 at 11:30AM in the East Room. You are welcome at our Committee meetings. The information you gather from these meeting could be helpful with some of the decisions made for the better of

our Resort. D E D E L OOP Chair

ORPS MEETINGS Board Planning Meeting – Monday, November 9, 1PM – La Palma Board Room Town Hall Meeting – Friday, November 13, Lunch @ Noon; Meeting at 12:30PM – El Saguaro Board Regular Meeting – Monday, November 16, 1PM – La Palma Clubhouse Auditorium




Nov. 11

Board Room, LP




Nov. 9

West Room, ES



11:30AM Nov. 2

East Room, LP

Facilities Planning



Nov. 12 & Nov 19 East Room, LP




Nov. 4 & Nov. 18 East Room, LP




Nov. 4

Owners’ Lounge, ES

Health & Fitness

No meeting in November

Safety & Security

No meeting in November




Nov. 6

La Palma



The Health & Fitness Committee would like to welcome you to the 2015–2016 season. Our Committee’s purpose is to provide advice and oversight, to the ORPS Board of Directors, for the operation, maintenance and management of the Fitness Center. Last season, our Committee’s Charter revision included a change in the quantity of members (range of 5 to 9). We currently have four members: B OB H ILTON (lot 282); C ELESTE R EYNOLDS (lot 894); D ENNIS D ITTMER (lot 249); and myself – P AM W ALKER (lot 963). Sadly, J IM F RENCH (lot 35) resigned from our Committee July 29. If you have any suggestions for healthy lifestyle activities or any issues/concerns in our Fitness Center, or would like to join our Committee please feel free to contact any one of us. We meet the first Tuesday of November, January, February, and March at 10:30AM in the West Room. All Owners are welcome to join us. Unfortunately, we will not be able to have a meeting In November because we will not have a quorum. We’d like to encourage you to visit our Fitness Center and use the cardio and weight equipment. It is open from 5AM–10PM daily. If you are interested in having a certified personal trainer help you establish a fitness program please contact B ARRY S CHREIBER (lot 327). He can also be reached on 781 640-0806. Our Committee’s goals for this season are:  Replace the remaining cast iron dumb bells with vinyl ones;  Purchase additional laminated exercise charts;  Continue to promote the sale of laser engraved Center);  Complete our project for adding benches in the Resort for walkers;  Reschedule the Fun Fitness Walk;  Develop/implement a plan for a Health Fair;  Determine the viability of selling tee-shirts We look forward to working with you this season! P AM W ALKER Chair


Collins, John & Shiann Wesley, Bonnie Howells. Nicole Mesa, AZ Ross, David & Cathy Happy Valley, OR Solsa, Donald & Linda Sandy, OR Whalley, Peter & Linda Leduc, AB Mac Phee, Ronald Shannon, Jacqueline Surrey, BC Wanless, Michael &Sharon Chelan Falls, WA DeZarn-Young, Raymond & Jeradell Fairbanks, AK








Neufield, Henry Neufield. Renata Neufield, Dean Neufield, Cory Kelowna, BC


Hedrick, Timothy & Megan Corona, CA


Benmore, Richard Vogels. Antonetta Vancouver, BC Oden, Robert & Edna Alta Loma, CA


The Board of Directors is looking for volunteers who would like to serve on a newly formed LANDSCAPE COMMITTEE. The Committee has been charged to provide oversight on the management of Resort plantings, surfaces and trees. If you have an interest or expertise in flowers, trees, irrigation, surface preparation, maintenance or other landscape details, we need your help! If interested, submit a Committee Volunteer Form available in the Board Room at La Palma. If you have questions, you may contact Director, T ED W ILSON , at 847 226-9198 who will act as Board Liaison to this committee once it is established.

Red Hats @ Escena




Chapel meets every Sunday at 8:50AM in La Palma C HAPLAIN J IM G WINN Lot 274 Cell: 847 445-0077 SHALOM FROM THE LAND OF ISRAEL AND CITY OF DAVID The land of Israel represents the cradle of Christendom and an overwhelming history

Wednesdays 9-10:15AM East Room in La Palma Contact D ONNICE Lot 81, 913 952-9285 You are welcome to join us even if you are in the Resort for a short time - you do not need a book.

of the Bible, beginning with Old Testament sites and facts through the events of the New Testament. Visiting the land and the sites is a life-changing event for followers of Christ I found it to be a time of affirmation of my personal faith in Jesus and the Bible. Several of us left ORPS to our homes and then in late May departed for Israel, see photo to see who went on the tour. We were led by D R . M ICHAEL R YDELNIK and his wife, E VA , Messianic Jews who have spent years sharing truths of the land. Michael will be speaking in Chapel on February 14, Valentine’s Day. Our highlights included:  touring the Capernaum , where many of Jesus’ miracles took place;  riding in the “Jesus boats” on the Sea of Galilee where we sang hymns and had a devotional time led by Michael;  walking in knee deep water through Hezekiah’s tunnel, (1700 foot-long, spring-fed tunnel which brought water to Jerusalem). Read II Kings 20:20 and II Chronicles 32:30 for the Biblical record of its importance. Fresh water was assured with no access to the Romans for them to poison it;  floating in the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth, the sea is 34% salt in the Judean desert. Everyone can float there, it is impossible to sink;  Climbing Masada fortress where 960 Jewish zealots built a place of refuge on top of a very high flat rock. Roman soldiers did what was thought to be impossible, they scaled the walls and the zealots committed suicide rather than to become enslaved people;  walking the Via Dolorosa to see the fourteen stations of the cross;  walking on the Mount of Olives where Jesus ascended into Heaven and the angels said: men of Galilee why are you staring into the Heavens, this same Jesus will return to earth at this same site.  the sobering walk through the YadVeshem, the Holo- caust museum in Jerusalem, remembering over 60 million Jews who were murdered, where the name of each person is read somberly. Other sites were Golgotha , the site where Jesus was crucified; and then on to the Garden of Gethsemane and the empty tomb. We had a devotional and sustained time of silence to pray and reflect on Jesus life and what He means to each of us. This was a trip to never be forgotten. A life-changing experience!

MEMORIAL CORNER Dedicated to those who passed in recent months. N AME L OT B ILL F ISHER 1173 J OE M URPHY 72 H AROLD S TEFFEN 104

If you suspect a HEART ATTACK or STROKE Give the victim an aspirin!

First call 911 Then call Security 760-770-0065


NOVEMBER CHAPEL SPEAKERS H OLLY C LEVANGER , interrogator of Iraqi prisoners of war

Nov 8

Nov 15

G ENERAL GT G UNHUS , GT has been with us for several years

Nov 22 Nov 29

Thanksgiving Chapel with J IM G WINN




This is an official Rule Change Posting regarding a proposal to amend the Rules & Regulations for Pets. Note that the language in underline will be added to the rule. This proposed rule change was approved for 30-day posting by the Board of Directors at its Regular Meeting on September 28, 2015 and will be voted on for adoption at its Regular Meeting of November 16, 2015. The rule change is necessary to allow for a one year trial to allow owners access to the orchard and common area outside the guard shack to walk their pets. This trial is part of an effort to be more accommodating to our owners as well as renters that have dogs. Management will set out rules for the use of these common areas to insure neighboring owner lots are protected. Dogs must be on-leash at all times in these areas and under the supervision and restraint of the owner.The one-year trial period will start immediately upon adoption of the rule change. Owners are encouraged to submit their comments on the proposed rule change to the Board in writing to the Board of Directors, 69-411 Ramon Road, Cathedral City, CA 92234-3376, or by email to: . PETS - GENERAL RULES: 1. All pets, including cats, need to be tethered on a 6-foot leash whenever they are outside of the RV in which they are domiciled. 2. No more than two (2) pets (dogs and cats) are allowed on a lot. 3. Pets are not permitted in any building, lots other than your own, or in common area (other than streets) includ- ing golf course work/service dogs for the handicapped are permitted, as required by law, except that pets will be allowed on specified common areas (entrance area outside the guard shack and the orchard area) during a one year trial period as established by the Board of Directors. 4. For the safety and well-being of pets, they may not be left unattended in or outside of the RV for extended periods of time. 5. Owners shall not allow pets to continue to bark, creating a disturbance or nuisance to other residents. 6. Whenever possible, owners should have their pets relieve themselves on the lot on which the pet is domiciled and residue should be picked up immediately and urine spots watered. 7. If a pet relieves itself in the street the residue must be picked up immediately. 8. A fenced pet walking area is provided near the main laundry room next to the maintenance yard entrance. Pets must be attended at all times. 9. One small pen is permissible, restricted to owner’s lot, and not interfering with routine maintenance. Pen area to be used only when the pet is in residence. 10. Pet intrusion of neighbors and common area is prohibited. This includes the golf course, corner areas and main entrance, except that pets will be allowed on specified common areas (entrance area outside the guard shack and the orchard area) during a one year trial period as established by the Board of Directors . 11. All pets-but especially cats-are not to be let free to run at any time while in the resort.


They are located across from the


L A P ALMA Mailroom. You may dispose of sensitive information, such as credit card offers. The bin is emptied once a month.

 Do you conserve water?  Do you recycle and employ energy efficient machinery and devices?  Do you teach the next generation and show by example the need to live a green life?

7 7

BOOK DISCUSSION GROUP Thursday, November 10 3:30PM - Owners’ Lounge Join us to discuss:

PICKLEBALL CLUB of ORPS We are thrilled to announce that the Board of Directors has agreed to a pickleball time-trial for the 2015-2016 season, with an Owners’ vote scheduled for late February. The time trial will take place on tennis courts 7&8 at ES, which will be striped for four pickleball courts numbered 1-4. The trial starts November 1. There will be a list on the courts of quiet paddles that will be allowed for use; please check your paddle with this list. It is important we keep the court surfaces in excellent condition-please wear only court shoes or running shoes with non-scuffing soles. SCHEDULE OF PLAY: COURT 1: Sat.-Sun: 11AM-1PM open play Everyday: 1PM-7PM open play COURTS 2,3,4: Every day: 8AM-1PM Open play, doubles only 1-7PM Open play *schedule is tentative and dependent upon Board approval at the October Board meeting. Every day: 8-11AM open play, doubles only Monday-Friday: 11AM-1PM Beginner clinics

The Necklace by Cheryl Jarvis

A ”simply exquisite and exquisitely simple” diamond necklace becomes the catalyst for changes in thirteen women. After deciding to go in together to purchase the morally indefensible and outrageously expensive necklace, the instigator of the purchase, J ONELL M C L AIN ’ S

motivation for the acquisition turns away from selfish- ness to thinking about how the group’s collective energy could be used to help people, learn important lessons, and repudiate materialism . Everyone is welcome! Please join us for lively and stimulating discussions.

Next meeting: December 7 For information contact:

J EAN D IETRICH 760 992-8225

These local businesses make it possible to maintain the ORACLE ’s high quality. Please tell them you saw their AD in the ORACLE at OUTDOOR RESORT NEED ANSWERS? Office phone numbers and e-mail addresses are listed on the back page of this ORACLE! Contact the appropriate office for answers to your questions . Just dial our Resort number 760-328-3834 then dial the extension .


BEGINNER PICKLEBALL CLINICS Beginner clinics for pickleball will be held from Monday to Friday, starting November 1, from 11AM to1PM. All clinics are free. Please wear running shoes or court shoes. We will provide paddles for the clinic, if you don’t have one of your own. Our promise is that we will have you playing a game within 15 minutes of beginning instruction. You will learn:  how to volley the ball  how to serve  basic rules of the game  basic strategies of play  why you have to stay out of the kitchen! We have players of all ages on our courts; our oldest player to date has been 84 years old. You are never too old to play pickleball! For more information, contact: S TAN or M AUREEN M ILLER -N IELSEN 760 424-8002



HOLES-IN-ONE Hole-in-one scorecards must be dated and signed by at least two playing witnesses. Include phone number and indicate if this is his/her first hole-in-one. Name Date Hole # First G ENE F URMAN 3-18 14 S TEN N IELSEN 3-18 7 Y P ENNY B RADLEY 3-17 7 Y L ARRY S CHROEDER 3-20 9 R OGER L AWSON 3-19 10 V IRGINIA G AYKEN 2-28 16 D ONNA F ULLER 3-23 10 Y J OHN M OGEL 3-28 5 The lucky golfer may purchase a hole-in-one bag tag.



Tuesdays we have a mixed scramble. Thursdays men and women are on separate teams with each member playing his or her own ball. Formats vary from week to week. On both days teams are handicapped as evenly as possible. All low and high handicappers are encouraged to play. Guests who wish to play must pay green fees at the Starter Shack and bring their receipt to ES. Guest averages will be based upon your home course handicap. Organized play starts at 9AM Sign ups begin at 8AM in ES Sign up to play prior to 8:45AM! Bring $5 and join us. $6 when food is served. 2015-2016 TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE Welcome Back * Saturday, November 7 Nine and Wine Friday, November 20 String Tournament Saturday, December 12 Orange Ball Saturday, January 9 Hole-in-One * Saturday, January 30 Sweetheart * Sat & Sun, Feb 13-14 Club Championship* Fri, Sat & Sun Feb 26, 27 & 28 3-Club Tournament Saturday, March 12 Nine and Wine Friday, March 25 Farewell Tournament * Saturday, April 2

LADIES’ PUTTING CLUB STARTS NOVEMBER 11 Sign up Wednesday mornings 8:45AM at ES. Bring your putter, a ball and 4 quarters and have FUN!

The Golf Committee has reinstituted the Adopt-A-Green Program.

2014-2015 Golf Committee


A number of Owners have stepped forward to maintain a green in the Resort. There are still a number of greens waiting for volunteers. Please see a member of the Golf Committee to adopt your green.

Computer & Hole-in-One Course set up & Marshalls


Ron Jackson

Board Liaison

WELCOME BACK TOURNAMENT The Welcome Back Tournament will be held on Saturday, November 7. Registration will start at 8AM. It will be a scramble format. Welcome Back Everyone !

D ON W OODGRIFT is coordinating the course marshalling program. Contact Don to volunteer. Lot 230 909 831-3101

Secretary - C AROL T HOMSON



All are welcome at the M ORNING D RAW M ONDAY THRU S ATURDAY Men - at ES at 8AM Women - at LP at 8:25AM Mixed Doubles Friday 8:30 AM, meet at LP for the draw.


NETS: Nice Easy Tennis, 10AM at LP for mixed doubles every day except Sunday. Procedure for DRAW programs : Draw a card for a doubles partner for the first set and thereafter move up or down according to results. Ladies come early for warm up. Draw closes at 8:25 and play begins at 8:30 Please LOCK YOUR GATE when play is completed. The ball machines are for Owners only. Obtain the key at the Guard Shack for LP and the Golf Shack for ES and leave your Prox card..

J OLEEN S HARP and D ALE D E V RIES of the Tennis Committee presenting a check to the Lucy Curci Cancer Center for a total contribution of $8,170.

Enter the HORSE RACE Saturday, Nov 7 8:30AM at La Palma





All levels of play welcome

Bring your $5 and sign up prior to 8:15AM

You may be the one to take home the BIG BUCKS!

SUNDAY TENNIS ACTIVITIES Mixed Doubles every Sunday at 2PM at ES. ( Sundays following Horse Race Mixed Doubles at Noon at ES) Bring a partner and join in the fun. ALL LEVELS OF PLAY ARE WELCOME TENNIS BARBECUE Sunday, NOV 8 At LP at the patio by the pool 5PM Bring your own meat to BBQ, a dish to share, a beverage of your choice plus your place setting.

JOIN US FOR THE FIRST TOURNAMENT OF THE SEASON. Sponsored by: The Tennis Committee Saturday, November 21 Meet at La Palma at 8:30AM Sign up at the Horse Race or Morning Draw At La Palma or El Saguaro 8 to 10AM $12 per player $10 for lunch only



Ace Reporter



OPENING DAY Champagne/Continental Breakfast for Owners Saturday, November 7 at 7AM followed by the opening of the golf course with the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Celebrity Tee Off! then it is your turn to SCRAMBLE! WELCOME BACK DINNER/DANCE Saturday, November 7 Happy Hour 5PM Dinner 6PM Dancing 7PM Catered by P APA D AN ’ S

are coordinating this year’s effort to raise money to donate to The Salvation Army for their Thanksgiving Outreach to needy families in the Coachella Valley. They serve hundreds at a Thanksgiving Dinner at their facility, deliver over 250 turkey dinners to shut-ins in our community, and donate just the turkey to many, many more. Give your $$$ to Donna or Madeline at their lots by Sunday, November 22. Volunteers are needed from each Phase to canvas their neighbors to contribute to this worthy cause. If you are able to help, call Donna at 760 272-0209 or Madeline at 530 259-3223. Let’s make this year another great success!! F. I. N. D. Food In Need of Distribution BRING NON-PERISHABLE FOOD ITEMS TO FILL THE F. I. N. D. BARRELS located in each Clubhouse near the Post Office. LET’SFILL THE

Entertainment by Sharon Sills $28 per person

Tickets are on sale NOW at the Activities Office



TOWN HALL MEETING Friday, November 13 @ ES 12 Noon - Hot Dogs & Hamburgers 12:30PM Meeting All owners are invited.


The USMC Group from ORPS will celebrate the 240 th birthday on November 14. Meet in the Owners’ Lounge from 5 to 8PM for dinner.

THE 19 TH HOLE at El Saguaro Join us for Happy Hour 4-7 PM

For more information contact H AL (C OACH ) C HAUNCEY

Monday-Tuesday Wednesday-Thursday Special happy hour drink prices.

Lot 341 or call 760 534-8880



Owners’ Welcome Back Dinner November 7 @ES Happy Hour 5PM Dinner 6PM Dance 7PM Catered by Papa Dan’s Caesar salad, Chicken Marsala with seasonal vegetables Dessert: Tiramisu Entertainment by : Sharon Sills and her band $28 Tickets @ Activities Office

Menu: Baked Potatoes with all the fixings & Dessert. Catered by the Homeowners

Saturday, November 14 @ ES

Happy Hour




Tickets $12 @ Activities Office

Oktoberfest November 21

Happy Hour


Dinner 6PM Entertainment 7PM

Menu: Bratwurst, Sauerkraut, Potato Salad, Strudel and Pretzel Tickets $12 @ Activities Office

THANKSGIVING DINNER November 26 4PM @ES Turkey for every table Catered by: Bristol Farms

ICE CREAM SOCIAL Saturdays starting

November 14 2-3PM @ LP

CRAFT FAIR Saturday, November 14 10AM to 2PM


If you would like to show and or sell, sign up at the Activities Office.


Golf continued

Farewell Tournament 1st Place Winners D ALE L OOP , M OLLY S ENEBALD , F RED H YDE , S UE S CARDINA ,D UANE O LIVE KP Winners:

Three-Club Tournament Winners!! R OGER L AWSON , D ALLAS B ROCK , D UANE O LIVE , S ONIA A POSTOLIUK , T OM S ENTES , K AREN P ETERSON , F RED H YDE , E VIE N EAVE , and R OGER S MITH . Way to go! Congratulations to Overall Champions: R OGER S MITH & D ALLAS B ROCK


ORPS GOLF HANDICAP CHANGES Golf handicapping is a fairly deep topic. You can read all about it at . For ORPS purposes we are simply concerned with how we average out your scores. The USGA uses the best 10 out of your last 20. For reasons unknown, our system has been using the best 9 out of the last 10, which is far less forgiving. So, by the time you read this we’ll be using the USGA standard of the best 10 out of your last 20. What will be the effect? A few golfers won’t change, but most will decrease from one to three strokes. For instance, a 15 handicap could become a 14; a 22 could become a 19. No handicap increases. Also, the hand- icap scores should become more stable. You should notice the difference in early December when we post new handicaps as of November 30. The Golf Committee also wants to remind and urge players to post their scores, whether they are good, bad or ugly. We balance the scrambles teams and decide tournament winners based on handicaps. To keep our games as fair as possible, we need accurate handicap scores from all those who play in these events. We are now marking the tags of those who do not post their scores . If you want to play in the organized events and you are not posting scores, we need to talk.



ORPS QUILTERS We meet in the West Room Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9AM to 4:30PM Welcome back to ORPS for a new season of quilting. It promises to be another exciting year.

BEADCRAFTERS We meet every Tuesday through March

West Room @ ES@1PM Join us to express yourself by creating ART in bead ware. Get acquainted with our craft.

All are welcome. Get new ideas, trade beads & beading styles. lan to have a great experience. Contact: P HYLLIS W ILKS 775 544-2412 Lot 805

We look forward to welcoming all quilters and we will all delight in the fabulous creations that will be made. We are committed to making quilts for THE LINUS Project, a National Organization that provides quilts for homeless children and disaster victims. We will also be making quilts that will be sold at the Spring Ladies’ Luncheon, which raises money to allow new fabrics and notions to be purchased for LINUS. Quilters are also welcome to work on their own quilts. Come by and visit! S ANDY B RIDGES Quilting Reporter Lot 784 TEXAS HOLD’EM Texas Hold’em continues to grow with events held Monday and Thursday at 6:45PM. With a maximum of 50 players, we have experienced sellouts, so show up EARLY. The winners of the tournaments were invited to play in the Championship Tournament on March 25. We had 38 participants show up for pregame activities at 5PM. The championship started in 2005. Most of the previous winners were in attendance along with a lot of new fac- es. The 2014/2015 Champion is R ICK B EATTY . Rick re- ceived a Championship Bracelet anda winner’s certificate. His name was placed on the Champions Plaque and he is an instant entry into the championship games. Thanks to a group of eager volunteers that help Chair J ERRY K NOBF , including J ANET & R ICH J ENSEN , J ULIE & G REG F ARMER and T ONY T ERLAAK . We welcome all Owners and renters. The new season begins November 2 at ES.


We meet every Monday 1:30 to 4PMin the East Room We socialize as we work. If you enjoy any kind of needle work, please join us. P HYLLIS P ASHOTE , Lot 402 925 786-4472

MAHJONG We meet in the East Room Tuesdays at 1PM For more information call S UE D OTY 916 205-7966 or M ARIAN R OBBINS 406 868-9910 Thursdays

Call M ARTHA C AMPBELL 707 228-0567 Come and play or learn to play. It’s addictive!

WEDNESDAYS AT LA PALMA 6:30PM Early Bird Bingo 7PM Regular Bingo Games end around 9PM

Free popcorn, coffee and fun Paper pack of 10 games $6 Early Bird sheets $1 each Intermission game $1 each Candy & soda pop available See you there!

R ICK B EATTY 1st Place




NOVEMBER MOVIES in the Owners’ Lounge Tuesdays at 4PM & 7PM Hot dogs and chips - $3.75 available from 5:30 to 6:30PM

Gary Marshall

Gary and Karen

2 nd Best Marigold Hotel

Nov 10


J UDY D ENCH , M AGGIE S MITH As the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel has only a single remaining vacancy-posing a rooming predicament for two fresh arrivals-Sonny pursues his expansionist dream of opening a second hotel. Nov 17 Woman in Gold PG-13 Sixty years after fleeing Vienna, M ARIA A LTMANN (H ELEN M IRREN ), an elderly Jewish woman, attempts to reclaim family possessions that were seized by the Nazis. Among them is a famous portrait of Maria's beloved A UNT A DELE : Gustave Klimt's Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I . With the help of young lawyer , R ANDY S CHOEBERG (R YAN R EYNOLDS ), Maria embarks upon a lengthy legal battle to recover this painting and several others, but it will not be easy, for Austria considers them national treasures. Nov 24 Big Eyes In the late 1950s and early '60s, artist W ALTER K EANE (C HRISTOPH W ALTZ ) achieves unbelievable fame and success with portraits of saucer-eyed waifs. However, no one realizes that his wife, M ARGARET (A MY A DAMS ), is the real painter behind the brush. Although Margaret is horrified to learn that Walter is passing off her work as his own, she is too meek to protest too loudly. It isn't until the Keane’s marriage comes to an end and a lawsuit follows that the truth finally comes to light.

Welcome back for the 2015-2016 season. I'm hoping you had a wonderful summer and are arriving ready to relax, have some fun, and that you take advantage of the Resort’s many amenities and activities. There are a few changes in the Activities Office, with the addition of K RISTINE A GUILAR , my new assistant, and K AREN S TONE our new decoration coordinator. I believe you will enjoy working with both of them and I hope you have a chance to stop by the office and say hello. We are busy with the schedule for the season and it looks to be a good one. Oktoberfest, Rock Around the Clock, and a Mexican Fiesta to name just a few of our upcoming events. Also, we are bringing back the Bikers and Babes event that was so popular a couple of seasons ago, and a new edition of Chefs and Friends for which people have been waiting. Overall it looks to be a full and fun season! As always, volunteers are what make our events successful. Please let us know what your interests are and how you can help.

ORPS’ singles group finds a new restaurant each Friday evening for their get-together. - JOIN US - sign up in ACTIVITIES by Friday Noon.


Thinking of Buying in Sun City Palm Desert? Or Any other Desert Community? I Have Helped Many ORPS OWNERS fulfill their Dreams and I WOULD LOVE TO HELP YOU!!! Give me a Call... I Would be Pleased to Provide References from my MANY SATISFIED ORPS CLIENTS!!!

Michele M. Mayer Bennion Deville Homes 760-835-5391 #01360292


JUST 4 HAIR FULL SERVICE SALON Take Advantage of New Coupon Prices!

Ellie Ward The Music Lady Beginners thru Professionals Ages 3-103 All Instruments & Vocal Coach Online Skype Available Call 760-329-5338






• Men's Cut $12 • Women's Cut $14 • Eyebrow & Lip Wax $15 • Color $45

• Perm $55 • Highlights $55 • Manicure & Pedicure $25 • Shampoo & Set $17


Rancho Mi rage We take walk-ins. (And limp-ins.) Get well now with urgent care. Call 760-834-3593 RV Holding Tanks Professionally Cleaned & Sanitized La Quin ta Palm Springs

A u t o • C o m m e r c i a l • R V G o l f • I n d u s t r i a l Free Delivery & Installation Available



8190 B Mission Blvd. #27 Riverside, CA 92509

(951) 906-5200

7 6 0 - 3 4 5 - 3 7 6 2 F a x : 7 60 - 34 5 - 0653 79469 Country Club Dr. Unit B • Bermuda Dunes, CA 92203

• Mis-Reading Problems? • Odor Problems? • Plugged? • Won't Drain? • Insects?

Emergency Service Call 24/7 Special $169.95 both Tanks Most Experience Tank Cleaning Service.

Associate • Park Name • City, State • Advertiser Name LOOK YOUR BEST...


• Teeth Whitening • Full Mouth Reconstruction • Implant Prosthetics • Veneers • Cosmetic Bonding • Digital X-Rays For Minimal Radiation


SouthWest Dental 760-770-0236 $49 99 68-820 RAMON RD • CATHEDRAL CITY (Corner Of Ramon & Del Yerno) On The Sun Bus Line Most Insurance Accepted Financing O.A.C. NEW PATIENT SPECIAL *Regular Dental Cleaning, X-Rays Exam • Lab On Premises • Dentures Repairs & Relines While You Wait • Mini Dental Implants to Stabilize Dentures


* Offer is valid in absence of dental insurance and gum decease


Serving Outdoor Resort Palm Springs since 1997 Book Online | Multi-month Discounts | Credit Cards Welcome


Sales: 760 424-8455 Rentals: 760 347-ORPS (6777) WWW.OUTDOORRESORT.COM

Preferred Properties have all been visited by a Associate. In order for a Associate to raise a Quality Property to a Preferred Property, the resort has tomeet most if not all of the following criteria:

• Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff • Clean Facilities • Fair and Reasonable Pricing • Engaging Activities • Consistency of Service • Easy Access To Information • Adequate Site Spacing

Be sure to visit our Preferred Properties and leave your review within their profile! All you have to do is register within the website and you can leave reviews, like local businesses, and comment on our blogs! Search oll of our 23,000 listed properties at

L UPE ’ S H AIR S ALON Located at ES by the pool Tuesday thru Saturday 9AM to 5PM

~ Hair styling ~ Cutting ~ ~ Coloring ~ Perms ~ Specializing in Hi Lites & Lo Lites Manicures & pedicures available.

760 328-3155

Call for an appointment

PHONE: 760 328-3834 x254 FAX: 760 328-0358 (We do faxes) Monday thru Saturday 8 - 3PM Sunday 8AM - 12 Noon

Papa Dan’s CAFÉ @ La Palma BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER 6AM - 8PM DAILY Happy Hour every day 2-4PM Appetizers & $2 beer We do take-out! We’ll cater your party! Phone 760 328-3834 ext 256




E-MAIL ADDRESSES Clint Atherton - General Manager Brenda Mejia - Controller Sandra Yescas - Admin Assistant Susan Matthew - Board Secretary Gary Marshall-Activities Director


Greetings Fellow Owners, Another great season is beginning at ORPS. For those that have been onsite during the summer and for those arriving soon for the high season you'll notice many improvements and completed maintenance projects. The lawns are being reseeded, flowers are scheduled for placement and the golf course will be open about the time you see this issue of the Oracle. ORACLE

Over the summer the Board worked on several items with the goal to " move the chains forward " on initiatives that have been debated and massaged for years without resolution or solution. Rule changes have been put forward for allowing Pickleball play on designated tennis courts for a trial period and also for allowing a trial for additional designated dog run areas. We are continuing our work as well on CC&R and Rules and Regulation changes that will be brought to the membership later this season. Other initiatives under consideration are overhauling of marketing ORPS, review of our website, exploring ways to minimize the increasing of dues each year, improvements to Resort security, evaluating options for adding adjoining property to address new space needs just to name a few. Much more work is needed and will continue this season. In the fall a recall was initiated for four Board members. All Bylaw, CC&R, California HOA requirements and legal counsel advice are being followed to complete this process. If you are like us, the key reason for wintering in Southern California is to take advantage of the great weather and recreational opportunities that abound here. ORPS is no exception... a fine property offering so much for active adults in an awesome setting surrounded by wonderful friends and neighbors.

All calls 1 760 328-3834 Admin Office Ext. GM 244 Sandra 240 Accounting 262 Front desk



260 or 760 328-3834 * or 760 770-0065

La Palma Clubhouse Board Office/Susan 250 ORACLE Office 252 Store 254 Mailroom 255 El Saguaro Clubhouse Activities Gary 270 Activities Assistant 271 Mailroom 272 Golf Shack Attendant 280 Maintenance Offices Barbara - Dispatcher 293

Papa Dan’s Café 256 Beauty Salon 760 328-3155

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