OPTM Physical Therapy - October 2019


Battling Fears And Improving Patient Experience

For starters, we recruit and attract talented physical therapists and medical professionals that are dedicated to patient healing and growth. We focus our internal training on improving the treatment techniques of our professionals with

Like many people, I have fears that I battle with every day. As a dad, I worry about not spending enough time with my kids or supporting them enough. This winter, I adjusted my schedule in a way that would ease this fear and allow me to be home for dinner more often. I was even able to coach my son’s baseball team this summer! I still have that fear, but I know I have improved. But as a business owner, I struggle with similar fears. I worry about doing enough for my patients and employees. I fear outside forces that make our dedication to healing more difficult. I worry about doing enough for the community we love. We are living in an era where insurance companies are continually paying less for treatment while living in one of the most expensive regions in the world to live and operate a business. As California residents, you know that the OPTM Saratoga staff needs and deserves to be compensated with salaries well above the national average just so they can live securely in their homes and support their families. On that same token, commercial leases remain high while businesses like OPTM Saratoga battle with insurance companies who refuse to adapt. Instead, as the costs for us to provide care rise, insurance companies have yet to pass on inscreased coverage and low out-of-pocket costs. Instead of panicking over these realities — as a passionate entrepreneur, this is easier said than done some days — we decided that we need to focus our energy on what we can control. Our patients seek us out because they want to live a healthy, happy, pain-free life. They want to return to their hobbies and join their families. They are searching for an affordable option to healing that will give them renewed energy, vitality, and control over their health.

“You’renot a statisticor another patient inour system. You’rea personwith real problems, aperson whowants to thrive, apersonwho wants to return toyour normal life.”

mentorship programs between senior staff members and our newest employees. This yearlong curriculum ensures our professionals are consistently improving, feeling supported, and developing world-class skills. Next, we take these internal focuses and implement strategies that will give our patients the best care plans possible. There’s a flaw in the health system that turns people into numbers; instead of placing value on the individual and their healing as a whole, the health system looks at each person as another sick person that needs healing. At OPTM Saratoga, we have worked hard to develop a treatment philosophy that approaches a patient’s healing holistically with a focus on permanent recovery. We maximize patient satisfaction and good treatment outcomes by connecting the mind, body, and spirit together, recognizing that, in order to heal, you need the drive, support, and tools to succeed. This healing begins from the first phone call a prospective patient makes to our clinic. We have trained our staff to find the root of the problem a patient is concerned with from that first phone call. Together with the patient, we create detailed plans of care that identify a team to focus entirely on the methods of treatment and needs that will best benefit the patient. We write out the problem, identify a goal, and label the solutions we need to get there. You’re not a statistic or another patient in our system. You’re a person with real problems, a person who wants to thrive, a person who wants to return to your normal life. We may not be able to control your paycheck or what the insurance will pay out for treatment, but we can control your treatment. We can ensure that your healing is holistic, permanent, and possible.

Find out how, and don’t live in fear anymore.

Dr. Fabrice Rockich

With the processes we have in place, OPTM Saratoga can do just that.

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