Bali, Hi - 2007

COMMUNITY TEMPLES In addition to the family shrines, each village, town, or section of a city also has a community Hindu temple/shrine area. Depending on the size of the community, these can vary from quite large with many shrines and a very large temple to a fairly small walled area with the requisite temple and shrines. The members of the community devote time and effort to the upkeep of these public areas as well as to keeping their family temples in good repair. The women create elaborate flower and fruit offerings to be carried in processions to the community temples on feast days—and there always seemed to be some sort of special ceremony going on wherever we happened to be.

These offerings are quite artful and beautiful and it was good to know that the fruits, veggies and flowers were not left to decay at the shrines but are distributed among the villagers when the ceremony is complete. Just a token few of each are left on the altars for the “god’s” uses.


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