Bali, Hi - 2007

were very fearful for the men’s hearing and mentioned that to Komang but he seemed pretty much unconcerned with that possible ramification since the community has been using this kind of music for centuries. We wondered why they did not at least play outside so there wouldn’t be so much echoing and the sound could be dispersed a little anyway before it assaulted their unprotected eardrums.

The kids were real charmers and loved playing little games with us: like slap hands and follow one another’s gestures. They showed us their versions of the “eensy beansy spider” and laughed loudly when we showed them their pictures in the cameras. The girls were particularly enchanted with my sunglasses and tried them on somewhat shyly but then laughed uproariously at one another when they wore them. The little girls returned to me several times during the concert to show their friends how they looked in the glasses and everyone wouldcollapse with giggling. Some of the more proficient with English wanted to speak a little with us, but their English was pretty much confined to “hellos” and “how are yous” so it was difficult to carry on a real conversation with them. But we all enjoyed our merry time with them. We hoped neither our ears nor the ears of the performers were permanently damaged by the continuous music but it was exciting at first because it sounded barbaric and undisciplined.


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