Bali, Hi - 2007

The suites were all quite private since each was surrounded by its own privacy fence; we supposed that was so that guests could indulge in skinny-dipping in the very inviting small pool outside the front door of eachsuite.

The walls overlooking the pool and the valley and hills beyond were made of floor to ceiling glass so the view of the sunrise was never blocked. The suites consisted of a sitting area with comfy couch, chairs, small dinette set, and a television. The bedroom area was separated from this by the four-poster style of the bed itself with its mosquito netting adding a bit more privacy. There was another large area consisting of three rooms behind the bedroom wall. In that area was the lavatory and dressing room, and off those there were two separate rooms for the shower and toilet facilities. Fresh flowers appeared in the suite every day. Any meal could be ordered en suite which was particularly delightful to me since the whole property was spread down a fairly steep hillside which required some pretty arduous climbs up and down on my still swollen and painful ankle. There was also an open-air restaurant at the top of the property where the lounge and gift shop were located. The food was good and there was a varied menu including fresh seafood and Balinese specialties which are really similar to Indian food in many ways.


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