Bali, Hi - 2007

The restaurant always provided fresh fruit and veggies which were just excellent. There was a “barbecue” type arrangement near the public pool where drinks and munchies as well as full meals could be obtained. Vibrant flowers were splashed all over the grounds and the trees provided welcome shade all through the day. We enjoyed observing the local birds, geckoes, lizards, frogs and cats as well. What a terrific place to unwind from the day of sightseeing and from the total trip. We all thought the Komaneka was a little slice of paradise within the special Balinese environment. The Lovina Beach Resort was not a 5-star facility because it was older and less than perfectly maintained. The grounds were lovely and the open-air restaurant and bar were delightful. The rooms were large and comfortable, but the heat could not be beaten back by the inadequate air-conditioning in each room. The advantages to the facility were that it was right on the black sand beach and that the shower facilities were roomy so it was easy to cool off by taking a refreshing shower. The food at the restaurant was not the best but it was goodenough.


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