Bali, Hi - 2007

GRACIOUS DINING A really big treat in Ubud was a chance to dine at the best restaurant any of us had ever enjoyed anywhere in the world—theMosaic.

We obtained reservations to have dinner there and it was truly the evening’s entertainment as well as the day’s provender. The restaurant is rather narrow and small in appearance from the outside, but once inside we discovered that facility went back, back, back from the street with many different “rooms” to enjoy— some were actually inside, others were partially covered by porticoes, and some were completely open to the stars.

We chose one where the only shelter from the outdoors was the many tree branches crisscrossing over our heads. As the sunlight melted from the sky and the stars began to compete with the dim electric lights, we saw the fruit bats flying right over our heads as they left their roosts in the trees above. It was a beautiful setting and only elegant and delicious food could have matched the environment. And the food was just amazing and the service punctilious but never overbearing or intrusive.


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