Bali, Hi - 2007

brought conversation to a halt it was so thunderous. A kite seller was walking the shore in front of us flying the most beautiful kite creations any of us had ever seen. A large and colorful sailboat with at least three masts was the most striking and it flew as if it were floating on the “sky ocean.” It was so graceful that we each bought one and then realized that we would never get them home unbroken. So we gave those to Komang for his boys to play with in little Bulian—we hoped there would be enough wind to make them float there as they did on the beach. Anyway, back to the restaurant—it was labeled barbecue in style and its specialty was fresh seafood. We all perused the menu and everything looked delicious. We must have been hungry. The fish, shrimp, lobster, crab, or oysters were to be served with cooked greens and rice. Kay and I selected the catch of the day (who knows what kind of fish it was—except delicious) and Micki chose lobster and Dan settled on lobster with prawns. They even added a lobster head soup to their menu and we all had our usual drinks: a glass of wine for Dan, a local beer for Micki and Fanta Orange for Kay and I. There was so much food that we ended up giving the doggy-bags to Komang and our driver for their dinner that night. We all enjoyed the meal very much and the setting was super. However, when it came time to settle the bill, Micki and Dan had to ask themselves whether it had been all that good. Their bill for lunch was $200.00 without tip. Kay and I had spent a mere $23.00 with tip! Only they can know for sure just how tasty that lobster was. Well, maybe Komang and the driver could also testify as to its deliciousness.


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