Bali, Hi - 2007


OUTDOOR THEATER PRODUCTION We saw and did so many interesting things in Bali that the trip was a very happy and satisfying experience! One particularly enjoyable evening found us at the outdoor theater of an indigenous theater production. It was a warm night and the music, dancing and singing was really engaging.

The troupe was presenting stories from the Hindu scriptures and though we really could not follow the convolutions of the tales, we could certainly revel in the amazingly athletic movements of the men and the graceful dancing of the slender and beautifully costumed women. The rhythmic chanting with much percussion behind it was also exciting and effective. The performers were of different ages and it was gratifying to see that the lead male singer was probably in his early 60s. The finale of the whole exuberant performance by such handsome and skilled dancers was a “fire dance.” The actor/dancer who performed this portion of the program was probably in his late 30s or early 40s, very muscular and well-built. He wore voluminous cloaks and robes as he started playing with the fire: handling fire sticks as he whirled and twirled. The background chanting grew more intense as he began to pass


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