Bali, Hi - 2007

the flames closely around his arms and legs and tease us with his apparent invulnerability to the heat. As he danced around with the fire, he shed more of his cloaks and wraps. At the conclusion of the dance, he stood in the center of the flames with just a breechcloth for covering. Then he threw one white clock back around his shoulders and sat on a bed of flame and embers. It was very impressive and a little frightening. But he leapt up again and was obviously unhurt! The applause he received was well deserved. It was a fascinating evening.


Beautiful day for a visit to a formal garden at Bedugul. Besides the lush vegetation and gorgeous flowering plants, there was the stunning immense statuary. Kumbakarna Laga statue at the entrance tells a Hindu story about the battle between Kumbakarna and the monkey army led by Rama.


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