Bali, Hi - 2007

THE MONKEY TEMPLE AND FOREST One late afternoon we spent time at the Monkey Temple and Forest. The macaques who live among the Hindu shrines and temples in the forest are used to having human beings around, but they are not tame! They are not aggressive with humans though we did witness much rough and tumble among the many young monkeys around us. The males were jealous of their “personal space” and did remonstrate physically with young monkeys and other males who got too close. Females they tolerated without cuffing or menacing them.

The young monkeys were such fun to watch in their fun and games. Really interesting was seeing how quickly the adults could get into coconuts. Those big incisors were effective at tearing loose strips of husk and their nimble fingers could handle the rest. Then the teeth came back into play as they pierced the “eyes” of the coconuts to drink the milk.

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