Bali, Hi - 2007

The path was made of clay and easy to walk, though occasionally there was a reminder that we were walking along the side of a mountain; there would be a steep drop-off into a little ravine filled with tall trees and many flowering shrubs. Farmhouses or little shrines appeared as we strolled along taking pictures and taking the time to look at little things, like insects and butterflies. Irrigation ditches were always on at least one side of the path and sometimes on both sides. The community path accommodated farmers on foot, women carrying huge burdens on their heads, bikes, scooters loaded with whole families, even one loaded with rebar, and of course sightseers like us. Some industrious rice farmers had also discovered they had artistic talents including wood carving, rice paper production, painting and drawing, and jewelry fashioning. These farmers put up small stalls (even some tiny concrete block buildings) along the way to sell these items to the tourists passing through. It must be worth their while because they had to sacrifice some land for the tiny structures.

At this time of year, the rice fields were incredibly beautiful because they were close to harvesting. The diverse shades of green were topped with golden sheaf-like “flowers” where the rice was ripening. The different kinds of rice reach differing heights as well, creating more texture in the picture. There was black rice, plain white rice, sticky rice and red rice. Here and

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