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ARE YOU GARNET, AMETHYST, OR PEARL? Unlock the Power of Your Birthstone



We are now in 2018 — a new year and a new beginning. This year I have tried to organize my family trips and vacations for the coming months. It’s often difficult to request time off without plenty of advance notice, so I figured this year would be different. We’ll schedule our spring break and summer getaways in advance. Stay tuned! I will have to give updates as the year goes by. What changes do you have on your to-do list this year? For some, it may be to speak to friends you have lost touch with. Others might want to get into better shape. Have you ever wondered why we wait till the beginning of the year to make these changes? Should we not take pause and attempt to do what we know we need to do more often than once a year? Thank you for making 2017 a great year. If you have not graded my firm based upon your experience, please let me know either by calling 912-233-1100 or email my office at Ty@TyWilsonLaw.com. Your opinion helps me focus on what is important to you as a client.

Beautiful gemstones spark the imagination, and many of us long to see aspects of our own personality reflected in a stone’s glittering depths. Take birthstones, for example. The concept dates back to biblical times, when a first-century historian suggested that the 12 stones in Aaron’s breastplate, described in the Hebrew Bible’s book of Exodus, correlated to the 12 months of the year. Descriptions of each stone vary from translation to translation, though, somodern birthstone lists tend to be more influenced by sales. For example, months that feature less popular gemstones are assignedmultiple birthstones, allowing for more purchasing options. In the United States, the current list of“official”birthstones was established by the American Gem Society in 1912. Check out your birthmonth’s featured stones! J anuary Garnet: Legend states that those who wear deep red garnets while performing good deeds will, in turn, be rewarded with good karma. Meanwhile, those who commit less-than-good deeds while wearing a garnet face direr fortunes. F ebruary Amethyst: Commonly associated with peace, courage, and stability, the purple amethyst is also often called“The Stone of Romance.”Historians claim St. Valentine himself wore an amethyst ring carved with an image of Cupid, the Roman god of love. M arch Aquamarine: The tranquil aquamarine is a stone of protection, and it’s often worn by sailors at sea. Bloodstone: Dark green with red spots, legends say bloodstones possess magical healing properties. A pril Diamond: In addition to their supposed healing powers, diamonds have long been a symbol of eternal love. M ay Emerald: Considered a stone of foresight and luck, the soothing green color of emeralds is also believed to relax the wearer.

Let’s get to work.

-Ty Wilson

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