LLI Corporate English Brochure 2022

This program covers the fundamentals of software development, front-end web development, full stack web development, advanced android programming and technology entrepreneurship. All students follow an industry approved project-based curriculum that teaches the in-demand skills needed to succeed in a fast paced technology environment. All students follow a learning path that embeds entrepreneurship into the curriculum. We believe that the best way to learn real world skills, is to learn in the real world - so we have designed a curriculum around setting up real companies. However, we know not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, so our industry track leads to jobs following the program with our industry partners. Learn Software Development While You Build Your Own Tech Company and Technology Entrepreneurship Diploma in Software Development A BCI Innovation Labs Curriculum offered by the London Language Institute (LLI) The International Program has been designed specifically for international students or professionals that want to work in an English speaking environment as a software developer, web application or mobile application developer. In addition to the core program you will also focus on your English Language competence, both speaking and technical writing, to ensure your success as you transition to working in an English speaking company. Do you want to live and work in Canada?

This track is designed to accelerate you through the process of launching your own start-up company while you learn software development. You will be mentored by industry experts, experienced entrepreneurs and industry focused academic faculty to become a software designer, developer, web application or mobile application developer while you launch a technology start- up company. Entrepreneurship Track

This track is for those that want to work in the software industry as a software developer, web application or mobile application developer. This track leads to jobs in either a corporate environment, a software company or a new technology company where an understanding of business innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset are crucial to success. Industry Track

Become a Software Developer & Tech Entrepreneur

Create and deploy fully-functional web-based applications for your portfolio. Build Real Applications

Meet, 1-on-1, with an experienced industry mentors and experienced faculty that are vested in your success. Experienced Mentors

Use real development environments to deploy live apps. Rigorous and Intensive

2 Years full-time

Career support

Project-based learning

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