The Livewell Collective - March 2020


Do you cringe every time you open your email, preparing yourself for a barrage of unanswered

messages? If so, then it’s time to take tidying up your inbox more seriously because poor organization results in far worse problems than simply missing out on happy hours with coworkers.

According to psychology professor Susan Krauss Whitbourne, mental and physical clutter can impede

productivity. It may also have long-term effects on our ability to process information. One University of Toronto researcher has even found evidence that mental clutter may worsen age- related memory loss. Since most people can cite their digital inbox as a source of stress, starting there is a big step toward organizing your mind and your life. Plus, you can declutter it in just one hour by following these steps. 1. SWEEP AWAY THE JUNK. Begin by going through your emails from oldest to newest and deleting anything you know you won’t need. When you see an email you want to delete, search to find others from that sender — it’s likely there are multiple you can trash right away.

BROADEN YOUR BRANDING BREAKING AWAY FROM HYPER-MASCULINE MARKETING As Dave mentions on this month’s cover, women play a huge role in the fitness community. Indeed, athletes like Annie Thorisdottir and Elisabeth Akinwale are some of the biggest names in CrossFit.

workout poses, you’re sending a very different message. Many people look at this sort of imagery and think, “This place isn’t for people like me.” GET REAL

Yet many affiliates continue to market toward a very narrow, masculine demographic. Here are a few tips on how and why more gyms should be opening up the ways they reach out to new members. PART OF A LARGER SHIFT The branding landscape for CrossFit has already undergone significant change in recent years. The hyper-competitive, “work out until you throw up” attitude that underpinned much of the formative years of this community has shifted toward far more grounded fitness goals. This move toward whole-body health aims at capitalizing one of the most significant draws for CrossFit gyms — one that can only benefit from inclusive messaging. SCALABILITY By far one of the most attractive qualities of CrossFit is that anyone can do it. Scalable workout routines have helped many people who would not normally see themselves as “fitness types” go above and beyond their workout goals. Here’s the issue: If your social media feed, posters, and other branding elements still primarily lean into muscle-bound dudes hoisting enormous kettlebells and traditionally attractive women in compromising

“Opening up” your branding by buying pink kettlebells won’t cut it — in fact, research from MarketingDive shows this sort of dated demographic pandering does more harm than good. Instead, try to capture real, everyday life at your gym. People, regardless of gender, are receptive to the

idea that they too can become a CrossFitter. Take the time to capture the real faces and stories of your gym on social media, invest in brands that don’t rely on gender stereotypes, and make it clear to your members that whole-body fitness is something every body can enjoy.


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