Project Graphics Catalog 2024

Pole-Mounted Hanging Flower Baskets

Add Colorful Foliage to Any Light Pole

Each pole-mounted bracket is hand-forged and made to order to t a variety of sizes of light poles.

Bracket clamps are engineered to hold heavy planting load. Up to 80lbs of foliage can be held on each arm.

Available as single brackets (one basket per pole) or dual brackets (two baskets per pole, see image on right).

Hanging baskets and brackets all have a rust resistant, black powder coated nish and come with mounting hardware included. Brackets and baskets sold separately. Baskets include Coconut Coir liner and are available in sizes ranging from 18” to 42” in diameter.

Dual display pole-mounted brackets holding ower baskets. Each bracket is rust resistant and holds up to 80lbs.

36” Basket with Coconut Coir Liner


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