Project Graphics Catalog 2024

Custom Barricade Covers

For Ecology Style and Jersey Barriers

Secure customer spaces with these heavy duty covers manufac- tured to t stanchions in any size or shape.

Storefronts, event space and sidewalks can be branded while simultaneously creating a safe zone for pedestrians or diners.

Manufactured with ultra-durable marine acrylic fabric, these branded covers can be screen printed or full color printed with dye dispersion processing.

Expected lifespan of 3-5 years.

Barricade covers add elegance to outdoor dining spaces while furthur promoting your brand.

Because each barricade cover is custom made to order, we can create covers to t any type of barricade.

A-Frame barricade covers also available. Perfect for sidelines at athletic events. Vinyl banners attach to collapsible A-frame hardware with velcro, making these barriers easy to set up and take down.


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