Project Graphics Catalog 2024

Graphic Towers

Multi-Dimensional Focal Points for Outdoor Events

Graphic Towers are a simple way to make a big statement. No festival or commencement is complete without a centerpiece to showcase your brand.

Vinyl mesh can be printed and cut in any shape or size. Graphics attach to scaolding with zip ties through grommets installed on the perimeter of the mesh. Scaolding can be rented through Project Graphics or our team of designers can help you create graph- ics based on measurements of scaolding you already have

Optional additions include ags, penants or streamers. Two towers can be used to create an entryway to your event.

Graphic towers like this one at Dartmouth add color to outdoor campus events.

Festival grounds entrance marked with tower displays. Vinyl mesh allows for wind to

blow through, reducing stress on the structure.


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