December 2021 Anchorlines


December 2021

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Grand Opening & Christening of the Riverside Marina at Marco Island Yacht Club Tuesday, November 9, 2021

A dream that began in 2007, which in 2008 was shelved due to recessionary pressures affecting the entire world economy, was ultimately brought back to life in 2019, when the Marco Island Yacht Club dusted off their plans and resubmitted them to the city. On Tuesday, November 9, 2021, the club realized their dream to provide the most modern marine dockage facility in all of Southwest Florida. The Marco Island Yacht Club is a member-owned club, founded in 2001 after being purchased by Jack Antaramian, a well-known Collier County developer.

Watching from the 2 nd story.


The christening of the new Riverside Marina, located in front of the Marco Island Yacht Club, was a dream that dated back almost 15 years. David Everitt, the club’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, recognized former member Rudi Landwaard, who was instrumental in the original plans. Everitt thanked all of the board and other dignitaries for helping to make the dream a reality, before leading them out dockside for the official ceremony. “This is a great addition to our community and certainly demonstrates extraordinary vision by the leadership of this great organization,” commented City Council Chairman Erik Brechnitz.

Chairman Dave Everitt and Commodore Geoff Walker christening the new dock.

Board Chairman Everitt continued the festivities dockside, which included an invocation by Yacht Club Chaplin Alan Sandlin prior to the official christening of the new facilities by Everitt and Yacht Club Commodore Geoff Walker.

A toast to the new dockage.

Everitt has often spoken about Southwest Florida’s exploding demand for boat slips over 65 feet in the last several years. The fact that all but one slip is already spoken for may well be the proof positive of the club’s wisdom to move forward on this project. The project has now provided 27 new wet slips, ranging from 45 to 125 feet in length. Everitt proudly pointed to the new 125-foot yacht sitting as a backdrop to the festivities. Short and long-term leases will be available, as well as dockage for transient Club Chaplin, Alan Sandlin


boaters who are visiting the island. Five fixed docks with 40,000 lb. lifts are part of the total of 27 new docks, in addition to the 22 floating docks. All but one of the 125-foot slips are spoken for. The facilities are provided with state-of-the- art amenities, including water, electricity, pump out facilities, lighting, Wi-Fi and security cameras. The club will also provide boat-side food service to those desiring it through the Yacht Club’s catering service. As part of the project, new seawalls were constructed, as well as new restrooms and landscaping. Members of city staff, Council Chairman Erik Brechnitz and Councilors Claire Babrowski, Greg Folley, Becky Irwin and Richard Blonna were in attendance. Additionally, representatives from Turrell,

Hall and Associates (who provided engineering and permitting services for the project), Kelley Brothers of Fort Myers (who served as the prime marine contractor), Hagan Engineering, Richards and Martin, Inc., Acra Electric, Lincoln Marine Plumbing, and Tri-County Landscaping were all in attendance. Everitt proudly pointed out that due to the docks’ state-of-the-art design, the marina meets Category 1 to Category 3 Hurricane Construction Standards. As they enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and refreshments, members continued to gaze out from their 2 nd floor location upon the addition of 27 new docks that now serve as an upscale entry for the island.

Courtesy of an article by Steve Stefanides for Coastal Breeze


Coming holiday Events

Ugly Sweater Happy Hour & Holiday Fare Dinner Friday, December 3 5:30 pm – Happy Hour & Contest 7:15 pm – Dinner & Music * Marco Island Street Parade Saturday, December 11 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm * Marco Island Christmas Boat Parade Saturday, December 18 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm *

Christmas Eve Dinner Friday, December 24 * New Year’s Eve Dinner New Year’s Party Friday, December 31 *



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Boaters Night Twilight Golf


Ugly Sweater Contest and Holiday Fare Dinner



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Marco Island Street Parade

Day Car Cruise Lunch at the Havana Café in Chokoloskee

Sunset Cruise Fishing Club Evening Colors

Christmas Boat Parade Christmas Eve Dinner New Year's Eve Dinner New Year's Eve Party

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It’s Here……..

Our App Is Live in the App Store and GooglePlay! We recently received word that the Marco Island Yacht Club App is now available! Search your device App Store and download today! Apple App: Search for Marco Island Yacht Club and click on “Get” Android users, here’s the link:


Greetings to members of MIYC!

Now that the Christmas holiday is upon us, as usual, I find myself reflecting on how wonderful this time of year can be. The work our Club does with Toys for Tots really warms my heart, the overall help we extend to the less fortunate in our community is truly inspiring. Thank you to all who participate in this noble cause. Christmas Memories and a Sugar Cookie I was a lucky kid, being the oldest allowed me to toil along with my mother as she went about the annual business of making Christmas Dinner for our family. From our modest little kitchen in Springfield, Massachusetts, Mom made her apple cider first, which steamed the air with cinnamon delight. I remember when she would let me drop a little candy cane into it for that pepper minty touch she loved so. I can still see the ham and turkey glistening with brown sugar and toasty cloves. If I close my eyes now, I’ll see my mother like it was yesterday, mashing the sweet potatoes with honey and butter, dashing her creations with nutmeg and allspice. Every now and again she would call for me to grab a couple of eggs from the refrigerator or to pass her the eggnog. I remember smiling a lot on that day as I watched this incredible woman working so hard, enjoying every moment, every detail of the holiday season. Later, Mom would sit down in our living room and rest a bit, smoking a cig and enjoying the Christmas music that warmed our home. My brothers and I would hang around waiting for family and friends to arrive. Soon we would be pinched and hugged by relatives and friends, some of whom we wished we had seen more of throughout the year and like little nutcrackers, Mom would insist that we line up at the front door, smiling and say “Merry Christmas” to our arriving guests, a tradition as old as the sugar cookie itself. I would settle in with cousins my age, possibly sneak a beer to share with my cousin Lee and watch as everyone put the troubles of the world behind them making the simple decision to cherish the moment and enjoy each other’s company. Mom would then give out instructions to her new, older more experienced kitchen helpers. Aunt Barbara would grab the apricot stuffing, Gram would get the homemade orange cranberry sauce and Dad would get his cutting board ready for the turkey and glazed ham. A culinary professional in the making, I would watch and learn, and just like a symphony in perfect harmony, our Christmas Buffet would come together like the Boston Pops Orchestra playing Silent Night. We’d laugh and sing while enjoying the culinary fruits of Mom’s labor until our bellies were ready to burst, then eat a couple of her homemade sugar cookies for good measure. Yes, Christmas time in our home brought family and friends together like no other time of the year. I love Christmas and all that comes with it; the lights, the songs, the shows, the great food and drink, all of it. It makes me grateful for the great life I have, grateful for family and good friends. I want to wish all members of MIYC a safe cherishing happy holiday. Chef Bob


Golf, Anyone? Thursday, Jan. 6 th Join us for 9 Holes of Golf!

• Tee times begin @ 3pm • Format: 3 Clubs & Putter • Dinner a t C l ub a fterwards

• Couples and Singles • 9 holes “The Links” • $20/pp cart + green fees

Contact Alice Jobe at 239-248-7640 or email: Deadline to sign up: Noon on Wed., Dec. 29 th Full & Equity Members Welcome


America’s Boating Club The Commander of this century-old national organization will be here to tell us about the services they provide to our community including the very extensive boating skills and safety education programs at their Marco Learning Center and on the water.

Also of vital importance to our boating community is their regular surveys of “Aids to Navigation” (ATONs) on our waterways. The Squadron regularly reports their findings to the three Government agencies responsible for ATON upkeep. You’ll also hear about the importance of our required annual Vessel Safety Checks that both they and the Coast Guard Auxiliary provide. Many MIYC Club members belong to this highly respected organization.

Wednesday , December 1 st Cocktails at 6: 00 p m Dinn er at 7: 00 p m

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Marco Island Power Squadron (now rebranded as America’s Boating Club) offer many excellent classroom and online courses on a variety of boating topics. Currently, there are new classes being offered by the Power Squadron for September 2021 through March 2022. Click on the link below for course information*. To register, contact Ted Reiss at his email address: Marco Island Sail and Power Squadron (America's Boating Club)


MIYC Book Club By M.A. Harlacker Our MIYC 2022 Book Club Season will be starting soon. We have an exciting “lineup!” It’s time to get a head start on your reading! January’ s selection is: Team of Rivals , by Doris K earns Goodwin . This non -fiction book is about Abraham Lincoln and his cabinet, three of whom ran against him in the 1860 Electio n. This is a LON G book, so get started now. K evin Hennessy will be our presenter. He did a fantastic job with The Splendid and the Vile about Churchill and the WWII years. I’ m sure this will be another riveting presentation. To be held at the usual monthly date/time: LAST Thursday of the month. Thursday, January 27 th ; 12:00 No on. The remaining selections are: The Lincoln Highway , b y Amo r Towles (Author of A Gentleman in Moscow ). Deb DeVries will be our presenter. On the Night of a Blood Moon , by local resident Peter K arl. H orr ific Chicago murd er o f a young, attractive, female medical student, and intricate investigation and convictions. But was the crime really solved? Empire of Pain , by Patrick Radden K eefe. The secret history of the Sackler Dynasty and the oxycontin epidemic. K athleen Douglas will be the presenter. The Daughters of Yalta , by Catherine Grace K atz. The dramatic story of the three young women (the Churchills, Roosevelts, and Harrimans) who were chosen by their fathers to travel with them to Yalta. Month(s) of presentation TBD. Please make your reservations online, and share this invitation with others that may want to join us. We are looking forward to exceptional, educational and stimulating discussions in our 2022 Season!


MIYC’s Community Outreach As you may know, we as members of MIYC support many community organizations. In the past we were part of the Living Reef Project for Marco Island and Goodland, and we continue to support: Marco Island Youth Sailing Program Marco Patriots Flags for our Heroes (sponsored by Noon Rotary) Toys for Tots Our Daily Bread Food Pantry For the Love of Cats Our focus for December is to complete our annual support of the Toys for Tots Program and focus on Our Daily Bread Food Pantry on the island. Though COVID is still with us, Toys for Tots has been able to collect toys for those in need in our area. They have expanded the program to include gift cards to needy families for food. The need in our community is now stronger than ever for donations during this holiday season. The Salvation Army already has 50% more applications for help this holiday season. If you would like to donate with a check, you can make your check payable to The Salvation Army with Naples Cheer Program in the memo. You can give your check to our Reception Desk to the attention of Vicki Bretthauer. We will be sending monetary donations from the Club to the Salvation Army after our Ugly Sweater Contest on December 3 rd . If you really want to shop, our bins will be available until December 8 th when the Salvation Army will be picking them up. We have collected over $5,000 in monetary donations and toys so we have broken last year’s record. Thank you for your donations!


This month , we really need your help with food for our community. The Saturday before Thanksgiving , the food pantry had over 600 automobiles in line for food. The need is dire for some persons i n our community . Th e b asket fo r O ur D ail y Br ead F ood P antr y d onations i s i n t h e M IYC l obb y s o feel free t o d rop off items any time you are coming to the Club. If you are not currently 'on island ,’ you can still send a donatio n to: Our Daily Bread Food Pantry I recently learne d some hints if yo u are planning to sho p for foo d to aid in this loc al cause. 1. Everyone donates Kraft Mac and Cheese in the box. They can rarely use it because it needs milk and butter which is hard to get from regular food banks. 2. Boxed m ilk i s a t reasure a s k ids n eed i t fo r c ereal w hich t he y a lso g et a l ot o f. 3. Everyone donates pasta sauce and spaghetti noodles. 4. Th ey c annot ea t a ll t h e c anned v eggies a nd s oup u nless yo u a lso i nclud e a c an o pener o r t hink about purchasing canned items with pop tops. 5. Oil is a luxury but needed for Rice-a-Roni which they also get a lot of. 6. Spice s or salt and pepper would be a real Christma s gift. 7. Tea b ags a nd c o ffee m ak e t hem feel l ik e yo u c are. 8. Sugar and flour are real treat. 9. Th ey fa wn o ver fr esh p roduc e d onated by fa rmers a nd g rocer y s tores. 10. Seed s are cool in Spring and Summer because growing can be easy for some. 11. Th ey r arel y g et fr esh m eat. 12. Tuna a nd c rackers m ak e a g ood l unch. 13. Hamburger Helper goes nowher e without ground beef. 14. They get lots of peanut butter and jelly , but usually not sandwich bread. 15. Butter o r m argarine i s n ice t oo. 16. Eggs are a real commodity. 17. Cake mix and frosting makes it possible to make a child’s birthday cake. 18. Dishwashing detergent as we ll as Laundry detergent is expensive and is always appreciated. 19. Feminine hygiene product s are a luxury and women will cry over that. 20. Everyone loves Stove Top Stuffing. If you are helping a family this Christmas , these comments can help you tailor your list. I am always looking for volunteers for all of our program s in support of the community so please send me an email if you would like t o become more involved. 1450 Winterberry Drive Marco Island , F L 34145 Or you can click on this link to donate online.

Dwyn Von Bereghy Communit y R elations


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Smyrna Yacht Club

January 14-16, 2022

Marco Island Yacht Club Mission Statement

Provide an extraordinary Member experience of boating, social events and dining in a warm and beautiful Club setting where fun and friendship flourish.


Members Recruiting Members Our Member Recruiting Member Program is in full swing for FY2022! The Recruiting Member and new Member each receive a $100 gift certificate to use for food and beverage on a Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday Evening or at Sunday Brunch as long as joining fees were paid. Bring us new Members and celebrate with them!


Chairman It was a memorable November for your Yacht Club! We were able to commence operations at the Riverside Marina the 4 th of November. Like every new construction project, we have had a few start-up issues, but so far nine slipholders have relocated their boats to their new slips in the Marina. We christened the new Marina on the 9th of November. I know a lot of you were able to be here in person. We were able to recognize city dignitaries and the contractors at the event. Look for the article and pictures about the event elsewhere in the Anchorlines. And we have already seen transient traffic!

Dave Everitt

We also conducted our November membership meeting on November 16th. Attendance was one of the highest in recent history. The members approved minor changes to the Bylaws and submitted ballots to elect two new Board Members: Kevin Hennessy and Jim Rich. And Paul Soden's appointment to the Bridge as Rear Commodore was confirmed. Join me in congratulating all three. Beyond the special events for the Marina and the membership meeting, the activity level at the Club in November was really rockin' and rollin'! There were several special dining events on the calendar, including a great Wine and Dine dinner and of course our annual Thanksgiving dinner. Looking forward, I don't think things will slow down! We are continuing to have individuals sign up as new members. Our overall membership numbers are significantly ahead of last year and above our budget forecast. We are getting very close to a point we may need to institute a waiting list to not negatively affect our overall member experience. For the coming season, with the membership numbers at near capacity levels, utilizing the reservation system is very important. Mark and the staff make every effort to accommodate any request. But having individuals not utilize reservations or not honor their reservations...especially for special dining events...makes it hard to deliver the level of service we all expect. I encourage everyone to utilize the new phone app, or call the front desk, to make reservations. We still have a lot of construction activity going on around the Club. The new gutters and downspout project is nearly finished. Most of the plants in the new landscape arrangement have been installed. The new travertine patio and walkway area is nearly complete. The irrigation system is nearly complete and the new landscaping lighting fixtures have been ordered. The reassembly of the driveway circle is next on the list. Oh yes...if you purchased a 'Mariners Fund Brick' be sure and look for it around the courtyard fountain! I know that the construction activity around the Club has been a bit of a bother, but we should be completed with Club related projects very soon. By the time the Marina project is completed, we will have spent just over $1 million dollars on a new seawall, new landscaping, landscape irrigation, landscape lighting and upgrading the burgee restrooms. These projects were necessary upgrades for the Club that have been funded by the marina project. If you have been to the Club in the last month or so, I think you will agree with me there is a real 'vibe'! The number of new members, the opening of Riverside Marina, seeing the landscaping project 'come to life' and all the activities and events really make the Club an exciting place to be! I hope you are as excited about the coming season as I am! Dave Everitt, Chairman



Dear Fellow Members,

As 2021 winds to a close I want to tell you what a pleasure it has been to serve as your Commodore for the past 11 months. This year will long be remembered as a banner year for MIYC accomplishments, even while making innumerable adjustments for COVID, and I’ m particularly proud of the members of the Bridge who rose to the challenge. We may not have had a typical year, but we did manage to deliver a modified Change of Watch and Commodore’ s Ball, Blessing of the Fleet, Day Cruises, Extended Cruises, Sunset Cruises, an exceptional Scavenger Hunt, and monthly Colors and Boaters Nights. December thru February are typically the busiest months for Bridge related activities at MIYC, and this year will be no exception. Be on the lookout for more details and your invitation to the following Bridge events: • First up will be the Boat Parade, December 18. Sign up to join in the fun, either as a spectator or Captain of your own decorated boat in the parade. We always need and welcome more boats! Fleet Captain Pete Frazier will be happy to help get you registered.

• Participate as Captain or Crew on an Extended Cruise to N aples Sailing and Yacht Club, January 11-13, or join our Exte nded Cruisers as Captain or Crew during a scheduled Day Cruise to the same destination, January 13. • On January 22, we will conduct our annual Evening Colors/Change of Watch ceremony, during which ascending Bridge Officers will be sworn in, and incoming C ommodore Tom Wentworth will take official command of the Bridge. Then Cinda and I and Tom and K elly Wentworth will welcome you all to the 20 th Annual Commodore’ s Ball. This will be a fabulous event, planned by Tom, Kelly, and our staff, complete with gr eat live music, dancing, and an incredible menu prepared by Chef Bob. You won’ t want to miss it! • Plans for Extended and Day Cruises in early February are still a work in progress, but details will be announced soon. • The Annual Blessing of the Fleet is Feb ruary 19. You will be invited to attend as a spectator and stay for the luncheon to follow. If you’ re a Captain, you may choose to register your boat and invite your favorite Crew members take part in the Blessing ceremony, and then be seated together fo r the luncheon to follow. Once again, it’ s been an honor and privilege to serve as your Commodore during 2021, and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!

Geoff Walker Commodore



Thanks to all of you who attended the Annual Meeting in November. As you know, we completed our 5-year Strategic Plan in four years! Who would have thought? It is amazing. AND I get so excited when I see the boats in the marina. Wow! Just Wow! Comparing Nov. 2020 to Nov. 2021, we have 70 new or returning members, 13 of whom are new in the marina. The marina gives us is a powerful tool to say “MIYC is happy and healthy!” This marina shows that we are indeed a vibrant Club on the island, and we have many great new members who want to join in our fun. Thanks to those of you who stayed with us through thick and thin and WELCOME to all our new folks! At the Annual Meeting I announced that the J-M Group of 36 persons won a free drink for having the highest percentage of photos in the roster. (We will get you those drink coupons soon!) I also announced that we would hold a second contest to get photos onto the website as we only have 30% of our members with photos. So, here is the new contest:

If we can get 80% of our members with photos in the roster by January 15 th , everyone in the roster will win a free drink! If we do not get to 80% then those members with photos in the alphabetical group with the highest percentage of pictures by January 15 th will receive a ticket for a free drink! It does not sound like much but it sure is a fantastic way to meet members! Have some fun with it. The alphabetic groupings are A - C D – I J – M N – R S – Z. So, find any members who need to have a picture loaded and encourage them to submit a nice individual photo! Know that it takes a few days to allow the photo to be visible in the roster. Our Social to Full Upgrade “Sail” is in full swing with Fahringers, Gandys, Hannafans, and Kelleys taking us up on the great offer! If you are interested in upgrading to Full from the Social Membership Level, please contact me or Cynthia Hultquist, our Membership Coordinator, and we will share the “Sail” with you! You have until December 31 st to upgrade as part of the “Sail!” If you are new to the Club, you will soon learn that my favorite part of this column is to introduce you to new members and those members who are upgrading! So, here we go! First, Al & Kerri Pakalnis along with their daughter Kerrigan upgraded to Equity! And as I previously mentioned Geoff & Kathie Fahringer , Ken & Lisa Gandy , Mike & Sondra Hannafan, and newly married Paul & Lynette (Cahill) Kelley all upgraded from Social to Full Memberships. John & Susan Gawkowski joined us as Equity Members in late November. Eric & Barbara Milledge returned to us as Full Members. Other new and returning Social Members include Jay & Latayah Benedetti , Rene & Tish Champagne , Jerry & Linda Ragsdell, and Sally Waterbury . We are also welcoming four couples as Three-month Trial Members. These are the members with the red nametags who are evaluating the waters, so to say, at our Club. Please help me welcome Leanne & Michael Christopher , Bryan & Wendy Rubach , Brad & Mary Shaw, and Randy & Shirley Southard . Please be sure to introduce yourselves to anyone whom you do not recognize! Also, be sure to add your photo to the roster so that everyone will know your name! Remember, it might be worth a free cocktail! Remember, the offer is still available for upgrading to Equity at $12,000. If you are contemplating upgrading to an Equity Membership at your Club, NOW is the time! Feel free to contact me at for more information. Welcome Aboard to all!


Marketing & Communications

At the Annual Meeting, I spoke about the various types of reservations and how to make a reservation. One of the many reasons we switched to N orthstar was the ability to make reservations online. While it's not perfect, I like that we can make a reservation online and receive a confirmation! As everyone starts using the system, we appreciate receiving your feedback, and

we continue to investigate ways to make it work better for everyone. There are several kinds of reservations (Dining, Special Events & Signature Events), and it's essential to understand the differences: a. Dining Reservations - (Everyday Lunch, Brunch , and Dinner are considered Dining ) These can be made online anytime - presently for parties of four or less. Everything els e is considered an "Event." b. Special Events - (Holidays, Boaters N ight, Wine & Dine) The reservation schedule opens 45 days in advance, and if there is a choice of menu items, you'll be prompted to make your menu choice at the time you make your reservation - for every one you includ e in your reservation. Making these selections helps the chef in purchasing and the staff to know how to set up tables. c. Signature Events - (Welcome Back, New Year's Eve Party, Hats & Horses) The reservations ope n 60 days in advance, and you'll be prompted to make your menu choice at the time you make your reservation. d. Cruises - will still be managed with the Cruise Captain, and select your menu choice if there is one . Please Note: When you are looking at the calendar or upcoming events on the website or App, especially Boating Events, you may see “No Registration Required.” This may or may not be accurate. Please click on the event and after the details, you will see a box that states “Reserve with Coordinator.”

For "Cruises," p lease do not call or email the receptionist.

Reserve with Event Coordinator The Contact info for the Coordinator will be included in the details as well as in all eblasts regarding the event. This is something we are working with Northstar to resolve, however it may take awhile.


Marketing & Communications Pg. 2

1. Access the Member Roster 2. Check previous chits 3. Make a reservation 4. View the Lunch, Brunch, and Dinner Menus 5. Check the Club Calendar 6. View and Pay your Statement 7. See the most recent emails from the Club - and 8. Pay your dining bill - you won't have to wait for your server on nights when it's busy. Now, you might be thinking - that's great - but I'm not " Techy. " No worries! We will be offe ring instructional sessions in person and over Zoom to help everyone learn to use the website and the APP. Watch your email for those dates and times. I'd also like to ask for your help! We're looking for: • 1-2 members who would like to help us "test" the instructions for using the website and App; I would also like to bring to your attention that the MIYC App is available for Android and Apple devices! If you haven't downloaded the App, I encourage you to get it! You might ask, "what can I do in the APP?" Well, you can:

• Someone to help manage our YouTube and Vimeo Channels . If you're interested, drop me an email - .

Michelle Hennessy Chair, Marketing & Communications Committee

Marco Island Yacht Club Mission Statement

Provide an extraordinary Member experience of boating, social events and dining in a warm and beautiful Club setting where fun and friendship flourish.


Human Resources The HR Committee is pleased to report that our staff responded positively to recent employee benefits enhancements, with a 40% increase in participation in our health insurance plans and an even greater interest in our 401K savings plan (with our new match). These enhancements will help place us on a more level playing field in recruiting and retaining staff, especially as we enter the busiest season of our year.

Kevin Hennessey

Local competition for front of the house staff continues to be challenging. Just look at all the “help wanted” signs at local restaurants! The HR Committee, along with Mark, our General Manager, are exploring non- traditional ways to recruit. We are looking at H2B and J1 visa programs as well as a potential partnership with a local culinary school to find quality servers and kitchen help. These are not “quick fixes,” but may provide a pathway for a longer-term solution to what appears to be a chronic shortage of front of the house staff. We are also initiating a first of its kind HR Roundtable of area clubs to meet periodically to discuss mutual challenges and solutions. At least six clubs have expressed interest and we are looking to convene at MIYC in January. We hope to benefit from learning about HR strategies that have worked for other clubs. Finally, a big “thank you” to our members for approving the Bylaws revision on the reconstituted Human Resources Committee at the recent annual meeting. Kevin Hennessy, Chair Human Resources Committee


Safety & Training


Dear Friends, It’s the time of year to again remind you that Club bylaws require all boat owners participating in any club sponsored boating event, that YOU MUST have and pass a yearly SAFETY BOAT INSPECTION. This is based on the calendar year, so new inspections are required as of January 2022, and all previous inspection stickers are deemed invalid. Upon a successful inspection, you will receive a 2022 Safety Sticker to affix to your boat’s hull or windshield. These inspections are free by appointment and are readily available. We are fortunate to have several inspectors available to our club members, including our own: Paul Soden, (914-450-8066).

Jim Rich

For your convenience, please refer to the MIYC website under Safety and Education. Click on Required Safety Inspections. From there, click on Safety Equipment Requirements for a sample of the actual form the inspector will use to help you prepare for a successful inspection. You will also see the contact names and phone numbers of all inspectors. Please acquire your Vessel Safety Inspection in January as soon as possible, so as not to miss out on any of the great boating events we have scheduled for 2022! Once you have your decal, please notify me so that I can update your status. I can be contacted in the following ways: Phone: 239-248-4166 Text: same Email: BE SURE TO GIVE ME YOUR NAME, BOAT NAME, LENGTH, BEAM, DRAFT, AND POWER REQUIREMENTS. This will also help us update any existing records. Thank you for your immediate attention to this notice! Jim Rich Safety and Training Officer


Current Data on Naturally – Acquired COVID Immunity

Fleet Surgeon

Virtually all supplements – from those that, “support,” functions like vision, the heart, or prostate health and even those that offer, “natural male enhancement,” come with those nagging asterisks that basically say that the FDA has not evaluated their various lofty claims and that no evidence exists to support them anyway. Similarly, this article seeks not to weigh in on vaccination since this topic has been added to the other three (politics, religion, sex) that one eschews in polite society. Rather, it seeks to share some positive news about natural immunity. We all have friends and family who have opted out of vaccination and some of these have had COVID. The good report is that new data suggests that our bodies do develop robust natural immunity following infection. We may both be reassured about the health of loved ones who have had the virus without vaccination as well as feeling safe around these folks. Kindly bear with the dry nature of the material below, for those who have nothing better to do than to read on!

David Randall

COVID-19 (as well as the common “cold,”) belongs to the family of Coronaviridae : large RNA viruses. The group also includes severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). COVID has the infamous spike protein that facilitates entry into cells by attaching to the angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) receptor on their surfaces. 1 Immunity occurs in part from development of antibodies that recognize this protein as well as other parts of the virus. Antibodies have been shown to decline notably in the first four to six months and then more slowly thereafter. 2,3,4 Memory T-cells confer longer–lasting immunity and have been detected in MERS patients up to 11 years after infection. 3 An early release of a study of over 670,000 Israelis (26% of the population) compared three groups of people. 5 At this time, their national vaccination rate was almost sixty percent – among the highest worldwide. The first group evaluated previously infected individuals versus those having received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine. This was done over a three–month period after infection/vaccination to correlate with the CDC ninety–day guideline). The second looked at the same type of individuals regardless of the time between vaccination/infection and a subsequent case of COVID. The third reviewed the benefit of adding one dose of the Pfizer vaccine to individuals after having the virus. • Group 1: 16,215 each of previously infected versus the same number of vaccinated people showed 19 reinfected in the post–COVID people and 238 in the Pfizer group suggesting a 13- fold better immunity post-infection • Group 2: 46,035 (each) of vaccinated and post – COVID people showed 640 breakthrough cases and 108 reinfections for almost six times greater protection after having the virus. • Group 3: 14,029 post-COVID patients and the identical number who had infection plus a dose of the Pfizer vaccine showed a non- statistically significant difference of reduction of 37 to 20 reinfections from the unvaccinated when compared to the Pfizer group. A Cleveland Clinic study looked at secondary infection rates after a bout of COVID in a study group of 52,238 health care employees. 6 No reinfection was noted over a five-month period among 1,359 unvaccinated workers who previously had the virus. This paper was not intended to examine duration of immunity but posited at least ten months of protection. An Austrian report evaluated 14,840 citizens who had COVID during their first wave of infection in April of last year. 7 A second outbreak occurred seven months later with forty individuals reinfected – a rate of 0.27% Murchu and associates performed a 2021 review of eleven studies with up to ten months follow up of 615,777 COVID positive people. 8 The rate of reinfection ranged from 0%-1.1% with a mean of 0.27%. A question has arisen regarding the immunity depending upon the severity of the infection. It appears, however, that mild and asymptomatic bouts confer immune protection as well as more severe cases in at least one study. 4


Current Data on Naturally – Acquired COVID Immunity

It is of note that the above contradicts a report by Bozio et al in the CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report that suggests the opposite: that immunity from vaccines is five times better than that from previous infection. 9 Martin Kulldorff, an epidemiologist and biostatistician who taught at Harvard Medical School, offers a nice comparison and contrast of the Israeli and the CDC studies. 10 The Israeli study followed a large number of patients matched with control subjects over time. The CDC report reported on individuals hospitalized for COVID-like symptoms and tested to see who was positive for the virus. Unfortunately, they did not match the subject patients with controls to consider issues such as age, comorbidities, or time of year (which affects COVID and viral infection rates) Also, the CDC study did not discuss the relative proportions of vaccinated versus unvaccinated individuals in the overall population. Their study methodology appears inferior to other reports published. This represents a brief review of the available literature on the subject. However, it offers promising thought for those who have had COVID in the absence of a vaccine. It reinforces both their safety and those around them with regard to future infection. For those with interest in nice review of over 130 studies that support naturally acquired immunity, the reader with chutzpah, interest, and nothing better to do can read the Brownstone Institute article on the topic. 11 1. Guan @, Ni Z, Hu Y, et al. Clinical characteristics of coronavirus disease 2019 in China. New England Journal of Medicine 2020; 382:1708-1720 2. Achiron A, Gurevich M, Falb R, Dreyer – Alster S, Sonis P, Mandel M. SARS-CoV-2 antibody dynamics and b-cell memory response over time in COVID-19 convalescent subjects. Clinical Microbiology and Infection . 2021; 27: 1349.31-13349.36 DOI: 10.1016/j.cmi.2021.05.008 3. LeBert N, Clapham H, Tan A, et al. Highly functional virus specific cellular immunity response in asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection. Journal of Experimental Medicine 2021;218(5): e20202617. doi:10.1084/jem.20202617 4. Turner JS, Kim W, Kalaidina E, Goss CW, Rauseo AM, Schmitz AJ, Hansen L, Haile A, Klebert MK, Pusic I, O’Halloran JA, Presti RM, Ellebedy AH. SARS-CoV-2 infection induces long-lived bone marrow plasma cells in humans. Nature. May 24, 2021. DOI: DOI: 10.1038/s41586-021-03647-4 5. Gazit S, Shlezinger R, Perez, et al. Comparing SARS-CoV-2 natural immunity to vaccine – induced immunity: reinfection versus breakthrough infections. medRxiv 2021. Doi: DOI: /10.1101/2021.08.24.21262415 6. Shrestha NK, Burke PC, Nowacki AS, Terpeluk P, Gordon SM. Necessity of COVID-19 vaccination in previously infected individuals. medRxiv; 2021. DOI: 10.1101/2021.06.01.21258176. 7. Pilz S, Chakeri A, Ioannidis JP, et al. SARS-CoV-2 re-infection risk in Austria. European Journal of Clinical Investigation . 2021;51(4): e13520. doi:10.1111/eci.13520 8. Murchu E, Byrne P, Carty P et al. Quantifying the risk of SARS-CoV-2 reinfection over time. Reviews in Medical Virology 2021; e2260. DOI: 10.1002/rmv.2260 9. Bozio C, Gannis S, Naleway A, et al. Laboratory – confirmed COVID-19 among adults hospitalized with COVID-19-like illness with infection-induced or mRNA. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. November 5, 2021 / 70(44);1539–1544 10. Kulldorff M. A review and autopsy of two COVID immunity studies. Brownstone Institute 11/2/2021. 11. Alexander P. 132 research studies affirm naturally acquired immunity to COVID-19. Brownstone Institute. 10/17/2021 132 Research Studies Affirm Naturally Acquired Immunity to Covid-19: Documented, Linked, and Quoted ⋆ Brownstone Institute


There’s a Daytime Activity for Everyone at MIYC! A q u a f i t a t M I Y C Aquafit classes take place at the MIMA pool at 10 am on Tuesday and Saturday. Thursday classes are scheduled on an “as needed” basis. Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy water aerobics - a low-impact activity that takes the pressure off your bones, joints and muscles. Water also offers natural resistance, which can help strengthen your muscles and you can add resistance devices to burn more calories! Exercising in the pool provides the toning and cardiovascular benefits of exercise on dry land with less strain and stress plus it allows for a greater range of motion helping with flexibility and balance. And most importantly, it is enjoyable fun! As with any other exercise routine, just be certain you get medical clearance from your health care provider before taking the plunge. Contact Coordinator Peggy Frazier with questions or if you need to change the time. Ph: 906-227-7625 email:

MIYC Fishing Club Meets Thursday Dec. 16 th Lunch & Discussion – 11:30 am

The Fishing Club will meet at the Burgee Barr to discuss: • Local fishing reports for backwater and off-shore • Fishing trips to Florida Keys; Stuart, FL; Guatemala and other exotic fishing destinations • Award presentation to the Biggest Catch of the Month Please RSVP to Jeff at by Tuesday Dec. 14 th

Ladies Bridge Every Wednesday at Noon

If you play bridge, have ever played bridge, or just want to learn how to play bridge, MIYC is the place to do it. We have a lively group of “social” bridge players. New Members are always welcome - there are teachers willing to help you learn. Contact Diana at:



!"#$"%#&'()*"+",-".)/ !" All are welcome to play Couple’s Bridge at the Club. We have a fun group that plays on either the second or third Wednesday of the month starting at Noon. A “couple” can be a man and woman, two women, or two men. We only play as “couples” for the first round and then we mix it up a bit. No pressure, just a fun afternoon for all.

MIYC Men’s Bridge Returns in the Fall 12:00 pm - Lunch 12:45 pm - Begin play Email Bob Winterhalter at for more information.

Contact Diana Winterhalter at to get on the list.

Mah Jongg Anyone? Weekly on Wednesday Optional lunch at 11:30, play at 12:30 pm Mah Jongg players welcome whether you’re a newbie or an experienced player. RSVP to Linda Spell at

Join Us for Canasta every Thursday 9:30 am All levels of experience e welcome. Want to learn? Join us! Beginners welcome. Plan on staying for lunch! Contact Kimberly Porter at for additional information about joining this fun-loving group.


Extended Cruise to Key West and Hawk’s Cay

Nine intrepid Yachts from the MIYC set out for Key West on November 2 nd . They were looking forward to the famous suns et celebrations, the quirky culture, and of course the lively nightlife! We were blessed with good weather for our departure, and members arrived at Key West and the Galleon Marina by air, land, and sea! At our first Docktails we celebrated and christened Gary & Joanne’s new catamaran ( Marco Midnight ) and all marveled at the available space. After a great dinner we enjoyed a bit of nightlife. Wednesday the Fishing Crew organized by Jeff Comeaux headed out in early light on Morrison's Infinity while the shoppers did Aquafit and then headed downtown. Pointers hosted us for Docktails on Solar Mate before our dinner at First Flight, the birthplace of Pam Am. Thursday found us at the Schooner Wharf Bar welcoming back a Key West favorite returning after a lengthy Covid absence. After dinner at the Onlywood Grill we headed to Comedy Key West to get our laughs and boosting our immune systems. On Friday Pelican, Divergent, Infinity and Doma's Hideaway headed for Marco while Flamingo, Solar Mate, Playin Hookey, and Marco Midnight took the long way home via Hawk's Cay Resort. Captain Dave Varisco led the group and hosted everyone for Docktails at Key Colony. While the boats had some issues, we supported each other and traveled safely back to Marco. We are planning a reunion to laugh about our adventures. Trips like this one epitomize what the MIYC is all about...great camaraderie, new friends, great food, and the opportunity to share our love of boating. All full members are invited to join the fun so check out the schedule and contact Peggy to get your questions answered.


Extended Cruise to Key West and Hawk’s Cay


Special Evening Colors In Honor of Our Veterans Friday November 12, 2021

With Respect Honor and Gratitude

Thank You Veterans

During the ceremony Commodore Geoff Walker read the names of all MIYC members who served in the military.

Safety & Training Officer Jim Rich passes the flag to Commodore Geoff Walker.

Port Captain Melanie Kraemer lowers the flag.


MIYC Annual Meeting November 16, 2021

Around 100 members attended the annual meeting and dinner of which several were new members. • New Board members Jim Rich and Kevin Hennessy were introduced. • Changes to the bylaws were approved. • Officer and committee chairs gave reports.

• Chairman Dave Everitt introduced a project to update the clubhouse. More information on this project will be in a future Anchorlines issue.

Boaters Night November 17, 2021

Charette Roman, Marco resident, former Army Colonel, City Council

Member, and a previous speaker at MIYC spoke on the State’s efforts to clean and release Okeechobee waters and help restore the Everglades’ natural water flow.


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