Butcher’s Best ® Beef Boneless Top Round Steaks 3.28 Lb.

Butcher’s Best ® Beef Boneless Top Round Roast 2.78 Lb. QUALITY MEATS

Butcher’s Best ® Beef Cubed Round Steaks 3.98 Lb.

80% Lean Fresh Ground Chuck 2.98 Lb.

USDA Inspected, Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops 2.38 Lb.

USDA Inspected, Boneless Country Style Pork Ribs 1.78 Lb.

USDA Inspected, Boneless Center Cut Pork Roast 1.78 Lb.

USDA Inspected Heavy Pork Spareribs .88 Lb.

Jamestown Smoked Pork Chops 2.68 Lb.

Black Forest Or Reg. Kentucky Legend Quarter Sliced Ham 3.98 Lb.

8-Oz.Turkey Or 10-Oz. Selected Carolina Pride Sliced Ham 1.98

12-Oz. Regular Or Low Salt Butterball Turkey Bacon 1.98

24-Oz. Stack Pack Smithfield Applewood Bacon 7.98

Quarter Kentucky Legend Turkey Ham 4.98 Lb.

12-Oz., Selected Gwaltney Sliced Bacon 3.48

11 To 14-Oz. Polska Or Selected Carolina Pride Smoked Sausage 1.98

30-Count Swaggerty’s Sausage Patties 6.98

14-Oz., Rope Butterball Turkey Kielbasa 2 /$ 5 4.98

5.35-Oz.Meat Lovers, Sausage Or Bacon Jimmy Dean Scrambles 2 /$ 5

16-Oz. Hot Or Mild Swaggerty’s Roll Sausage 2 /$ 5

12-Oz. Butterball Variety Pack 2 /$ 5


4 /$ 5

26-Oz. 20-Ct. Swaggerty’s Sausage Biscuits. .

12 To 24-Oz., Selected Bob Evan’s Side Dishes.......

12-Oz.,All Meat Bologna Or Carolina Pride Hot Dogs.....

16-Oz.,Selected Bantry Bay Mussles ..... 2.5-Oz., Frozen Lobster Tails 3.98

12-Oz., Frozen 51/60-Ct.Tail On Chicken Of The Sea Cooked Shrimp 4.98 USA/Farm Raised, Frozen Catfish Nuggets 1.58 Lb.

Fresh Catfish Fillets 3.98

Catch of theWeek

2 /$ 5




Bakery Fresh! 16-Oz. Lemon Meringue Pie 4.99 10-Oz.Loaf Multigrains Bakery French Baguette 1.49

Toufayan Bakery 20-Count Mini Croissants 2.79 14-Oz. Bakery Fresh Angel Food Cake 2.99

Bakery Fresh! 49Oz. Double Layer Luscious Lemon Cake 8.99

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