Newcomer Employment Program | Client Success Stories

Harvinder Singh Harvinder began his journey to Canada with one goal in mind: finding work. With a background in e-learning, he hoped he could continue to use his skills here in Canada, however, like is the case for so many others, that was not in the cards for him. He continues to work towards a career where he can utilize his extensive previously gained skills, but with the help of Options © services, he took a different route. Initially when Harvinder started looking for jobs, he was not receiving the responses he would have hoped for. After working with WorkBC, he was put in contact with Nadine Graham, an Employment Specialist here at Options, who helped him assemble some of the key aspects needed to succeed. They worked together to improve his resume, cover letter, interview skills etc. Slowly, the responses he was receiving improved until he finally landed a job at KPU as a learning centre assistant. Although not quite what he expected, the job generally reflects his field of work back home. By applying for every job he saw that resembled what he had done back home, he landed a position where he could use his skills and can continue to grow in this position - great advice for anyone in his shoes. He is very thankful to Options for the help they provided him in getting a job here in Canada.

Harvinder Singh

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