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Dipti Arora

Dipti’s unique journey to become employed as an Education Expert with Microsoft started in this country in May 2019. Within two months of landing in Vancouver, BC, she put herself out there and applied for a role with the world’s leading company. Being a Political Science & Social Studies teacher, only in her dreams would she have thought she would be working in the biggest and most renowned IT firm. Before hiring, Dipti ensured four interviews with leadership in Canada as well as the US. During those weeks, anxiety and apprehensions about her recruitment weighed heavy. While she received job offers, Dipti put them on hold until she heard the final word from Microsoft - she got it! What made Dipti stand out in achieving this position at Microsoft was her ability to see things the way an educator does. Her tenure and expertise as well as eagerness to learn, solidified the opportunity to work in the educator space at Microsoft. Dipti is extremely proud and happy with where she is in her life right now and she appreciates the moral support and guidance received from Options. Options’ support empowered her to not feel alone and to perservere.

Dipti Arora

over the years or things he was capable of. However, he decided not to give up. In the midst of this job search, Makesh got in contact with Options; he recalls, “I still remember the first day when I walked in and how I felt so welcomed.” After being in contact with a member of Options and attending their job fair, he was offered a job by one of the employers! Although he still wasn’t sure this job was everything he was capable of, he took it to meet the needs of his family, he accepted it and was soon promoted. In the coming months, Options kept in touch and didn’t give up on trying to find him a more suitable job - finally, they matched him with a mentor who helped him apply for a position at RBC. After a rigorous hiring process, he got the job! Makesh will always be grateful to Options for their care, concern and guidance through his difficult journey. His advice to those in his shoes is, “What worked for me was a trying and never give up attitude. Explore all the resources available and build up your network to expand your reach.”


Makesh Naidu

Makesh Naidu moved to Canada in April 2019, nervous about how he would establish himself here. Coming from a great profession as a Major in the Army in India, he was worried about starting from scratch. As soon as he was settled into Canada, he started applying for jobs posted on various websites but nothing seemed to make use of the talents he had acquired

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