Newcomer Employment Program | Client Success Stories

An introduction to NEP

NEP stands for the Newcomer Employment Program. Newcomers have access to services which help them adapt their skills and/or knowledge for the Canadian work environment to increase their employability.

One-on-One Employment Counselling

We provide you with one-on-one support tailored for newcomer job- seekers. You will be provided pre- employment skills and resources as well as skills-building and volunteer opportunities in order to build confidence and knowledge.

Job Connections

This program will help newcomers gain the ability to review their career options and identify suitable career choices. We will help you tap into hidden job markets and develop a Job Search Plan. You will learn to write a compelling resume and cover letter. You will have access to resources which will help you expand your professional network, volunteer and/or training opportunities.

More services include:


Pathway to Employment

Career Mentorship

Meet the Employer

Newcomer Job Fairs

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