Newcomer Employment Program | Client Success Stories

Ingrid Bos On resilience and experience in the workforce

Ingrid Bos is a mentor who has been volunteering with Options’ Career Mentorship program since 2015. Ingrid is passionate about life coaching and draws values and skills from that sphere to her mentorship. “Career mentorship isn’t about getting you a job. It is about helping you get yourself a job, and a big part of that is asking you the questions that help you become more aware of your values and your sense of self worth. These are all ideas that are central to life coaching, which is about helping people to help themselves move forward.” Recently retired, Ingrid began mentoring when she was a manager at Coast Capital Savings, which is where she was introduced to coaching. Seeing how much value it brought to her team, Ingrid returned to school and undertook more training to be a certified life coach.

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