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HÄNEL LEAN-LIFT The Hänel Leanlift is both storage rationalization and goods protection in one : At the center of the cabinet is a computer-controlled positioning lift - called the ‘extractor’. In front of it and behind it are the storage shelves. This is where the articles are kept in containers. The storage locations are accessed automatically under electronic control by means of the extractor, which stores or retrieves the requested container. The goods are then delivered to the retrieval area at the correct ergonomic height.

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With the Hänel Lean-Lift® we offer you a first-class, high-tech system for storage organization and materials handling that saves time, storage space and costs, and enables a much more efficient workflow. OVER 60 % MORE SPACE : The Hänel Lean-Lift® uses the available room height and stores parts in height-optimized positions so that no space is lost. This produces maximum storage capacity on a minimal footprint. This in turn saves costs and helps to utilize the area dedicated to storage more economically. WORK TIME SLASHED : The Hänel Lean-Lift® brings the requested item automatically to the access area in seconds, where it can be retrieved at the optimum ergonomic height. Goods to man is the motto instead of man to goods. Access times are radically reduced and order-picking performance substantially improved.

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